Vehicle tracking via cell phone – This is how it works

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Theft of vehicles is still a current issue and concerns many drivers. There are a few ways to protect your car from this, for example the car should always be locked and the steering wheel lock must also be activated. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use your smartphone to locate your car using GPS to ensure greater security and to act quickly in the event of theft.

Locate your own car with your smartphone

Modern vehicles have an integrated GPS system , which makes it possible to access the car with a smartphone and retrieve the current location . This way you can thwart car thieves and act as quickly as possible. However, most cars from classic car manufacturers in circulation do not have such tracking systems , but they can still be easily retrofitted, even without any background knowledge in the field of technology . Thanks to GPS, tracking with a cell phone is possible for everyone.


GPS tracker for the car

In order to network your vehicle with your smartphone and, if necessary, carry out correct vehicle tracking, small GPS trackers can be installed or stored in the car. This GPS device can then be dialed with your cell phone if necessary .


Alarm functions GPS tracker

GPS trackers have many functions that are used to locate the vehicle and record other data about the car.


Live tracking means locating the vehicle in real time , so the location of the car can be retrieved at any time.


Areas can be limited virtually, for example your own property or the parking lot at work. If this fence is entered or left, an alarm is triggered in the app on the mobile phone and the user is informed.

Emergency button

The emergency button on GPS trackers can be particularly useful in certain situations. If things get dire, location data is sent to a saved phone number.

Shock alarm

To prevent unauthorized persons from entering the vehicle , the vibration alarm can be activated. This sends an alarm to the receiver if the GPS tracker itself registers movement or is removed.


To ensure reliable tracking , it is important that the GPS tracker’s battery is always sufficiently charged. If charging is necessary, the user receives a notification on their smartphone and can take action. Some tracking devices can be connected directly to the car battery in the car , which guarantees a constant supply of electricity.



Transmission of the location

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If desired, the GPS tracker in the vehicle sends the current location to the smartphone app and transmits all important information. This location can be done not only in the app or portal but also via SMS, depending on the provider and model.


GPS tracker setup

GPS systems require a SIM card to send the required location data to the receiver. Sometimes it is already in the device or is included in the scope of delivery, it may also have to be purchased; this should be taken into account when purchasing the device . In addition, she must have sufficient credit; a separate contract is often suitable for the project.

In order to use the tracker, you need to download the manufacturer’s app. This can usually be installed easily and is available for devices with Android or Apple operating systems . The app can be used on cell phones or tablets; almost any mobile device is possible. Some providers also use an additional web portal that you can log in to on your laptop or computer.


Placement of the GPS tracker

Tracking systems must be hidden to remain undetected for as long as possible in the event of car theft, but the user must be able to easily locate the device to charge or replace the battery if necessary. Only with sufficient battery power can all functions and location via mobile phone be used reliably. Car thieves are aware of these GPS tracking systems and know the most common hiding places.

Suitable hiding places always depend on the size of the tracking device and the installation. If the GPS device is connected directly to the battery, it can be placed in the engine compartment. Small GPS devices can easily be hidden in the interior, for example in the headliner or in the side panels. If you’re not afraid of theft , but just want to record your routes and determine the car’s position , you can store your GPS more obviously, perhaps in the glove compartment or in the center console.


Advantages of GPS tracking

In addition to locating cars or motorcycles, tracking systems offer drivers further advantages with the additional app on the smartphone or the web portal .

The history can be accessed on the provider’s website for up to a hundred days, and all settings can also be adjusted at any time. The user has the opportunity to track routes driven, check speeds and change alarm functions. In the event of theft, all important data is available through the use of tracking devices. If the location function is no longer possible due to the removal of the devices, the last registered location of the car is always available and serves as a reference point.


GPS positioning system – a conclusion

A GPS tracking device in the car offers the driver protection, especially when on vacation, as they can always access the position using their smartphone. The use of such GPS devices also serves to optimize routes, so that the driver receives an exact picture of his movements and every route in the past on his cell phone.

By registering via email in the associated portal, evaluations can be carried out in your own customer account. A GPS tracking system in the vehicle can be easily accessed and controlled using a cell phone; there are many products on the market that make this convenience possible. Which tracking device is suitable for which vehicle depends on the possibility of attachment and the driver’s intentions.


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