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Everything has been carefully planned for the start of your vacation to ensure a smooth airport check-in. It can be particularly frustrating if your suitcase doesn’t show up at the baggage claim. When the baggage conveyor belt remains empty, your vacation begins with stress and paperwork. To prevent this scenario, travelers can take precautions and attach a suitcase GPS tracker to their luggage.

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.
$39,99 incl. VAT

NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Universally applicable, e.g., in cars, excavators, boats, and caravans
  • Up to 180 days of battery life in standby mode
  • Drop alarm, vibration alarm, radius alarm, and more

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LIVE Tracking

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Route Tracking

Look back at the detailed route history of the past 365 days.

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Alarm Settings

Effortlessly manage all alarms in one place and receive emergency notifications via push messages.

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Enhanced Suitcase Protection with Luggage Tracker

GPS products offer the ability to track worldwide. This means that a luggage GPS tracker can be carried inside the suitcase and located at any time. The suitcase tracker GPS uses these satellite signals to determine the current location. Those who equip their suitcase with a GPS tracker can avoid the suitcase chaos and start their vacation relaxed. Staff shortages at airports can lead to stress and long waiting times, which may also result in luggage disappearing or reappearing with delays.

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How GPS Tracker for Suitcases Work

Devices with GPS functionality are small and compact, making them easy to fit into bags and suitcases due to their size. However, before your flight, it’s essential to check because some airlines prohibit the use of such GPS trackers, while others allow the use of small transmitters, depending on the device’s specifications.

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Setting Up a GPS Tracker for Suitcases

For a relaxing trip, a luggage tracker can ensure that the traveler always knows the suitcase’s location when attached to the luggage. For the functionality of trackers, it’s essential that they have a SIM card, which sends all GPS data to a connected device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Essentially, GPS tracking devices work like a locator, but these gadgets also provide additional alerts within the app.

After the user has logged in to the app with their email address, the suitcase tracker can be integrated and set up. Each alarm on the luggage GPS tracker can be customized and turned on or off individually.

To keep the tracker unnoticed in the luggage, it can be flexibly packed into small side pockets. GPS trackers are particularly small and can be easily stored without the traveler sacrificing valuable space in the suitcase.

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Protecting Luggage with GPS

The various alarm functions provide solutions to chaos and always give the user an overview of the whereabouts of their luggage. If one of the set alarms is triggered, the user receives a notification via SMS, email, or in the app.

  • Battery Alarm on Suitcase Tracker: Depending on usage, the battery life decreases, and the suitcase tracker needs to be charged. When this is necessary, the user receives a notification via SMS and can charge the device. Only with sufficient battery life can the suitcase tracker transmit important data to the connected device.
  • Radius Alarm for the Suitcase: In the settings, the user can also specify that the tracker should only move within a certain radius. If the piece of luggage is stolen, the corresponding alarm is triggered, and the user can take action.
  • Speed Alarm for Travelers: If the suitcase tracker is moved quickly, it triggers the speed alarm. The user receives a notification when a specified speed limit is exceeded.
  • Real-time Tracking of Luggage: With real-time tracking, the current location of the suitcase and backpack can be accessed at any time. This suitcase tracking is particularly helpful when a problem or theft is suspected. Some travelers send their luggage ahead to the holiday destination, and with the luggage GPS tracking, they can remotely check whether the suitcase is still at the airport on the conveyor belt, on the plane, or already in the hotel room before arriving.
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Advantages of a GPS Tracker on Luggage

The use of such GPS devices offers many advantages to the user, resembling traditional locators in functionality but offering additional features. Those who want to monitor their luggage with a luggage tracker or carry-on always have it in sight.

However, before making a purchase, some information must be checked, as some airlines prohibit the use of such suitcase trackers.

For those who want to protect their luggage and bags with a GPS tracker, it is allowed. The use for property tracking is generally permitted, but no cameras or microphones should be involved. It is not allowed for the GPS tracker on the suitcase to take photos or record sounds. This is especially important when entering an airplane or airport with a GPS tracker on the suitcase.

The market offers various types of GPS trackers for luggage from different companies, many of which can also be used as suitcase trackers on flights. In addition to the purchase price, an additional subscription is often required, which grants access to the online portal where the provider provides all stored data. The monthly price for this access is usually around five euros, but it allows access to all details and the routes traveled. This way, the luggage tracker can be flexibly used in everyday life after the trip, for example, in one’s own handbag or car.

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