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GPS fleet tracking may initially sound like an expensive solution to monitor employees and keep an eye on all movements. Due to rising costs and fluctuating fuel prices, finding possible optimizations to reduce operating costs may seem overwhelming at first. Technological innovations are innovative and can help make better decisions for the company in the long run.

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Universally applicable, e.g., in cars, excavators, boats, and caravans
  • Up to 180 days of battery life in standby mode
  • Drop alarm, vibration alarm, radius alarm, and more

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LIVE Tracking

Thanks to the FINDER portal, you always know where your fleet is located at any given moment.

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Route Recording

Retrospectively view the detailed route history of the last 365 days.

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Alarm Settings

Effortlessly manage all alarms in one place and receive emergency notifications via push messages.

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What Fleet Tracking Means

For fleet management, tracking your own fleet provides a great opportunity to analyze all business decisions as accurately as possible. With the help of GPS technology, upcoming plans can be efficiently made, and the system assists in collecting all relevant data for the fleet manager to optimize the daily activities. Such a management system with the appropriate fleet tracking software incurs additional costs at the beginning, but it is easily technologically implementable and helps the company save money in the long run.

To implement such a system in operation, each vehicle must be equipped with a GPS tracker; these devices enable vehicle tracking, and the collected data is stored.

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Each tracker within the vehicles requires a SIM card to reliably transmit GPS data. Ideally, the tracker for the GPS system is directly connected to the car’s power, ensuring constant monitoring and reporting with monitoring.

To locate the vehicles, GPS trackers use the so-called global positioning system, allowing the driver’s location to be determined in real-time. The user has the ability to view all data within the app or on the computer using the software. This includes information such as fuel consumption, arrival times of drivers, potential delivery delays, and all stops made.

The prerequisite for use is that drivers are informed about this digital upgrade and voluntarily agree to it.

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Effectively Utilizing Fleet Management Systems

GPS tracking assists drivers and fleet managers in their daily work and regularly provides detailed data on operations, serving as a good basis for adjustments and restructuring.

Improved Communication with Drivers and Field Staff

Communication between drivers and fleet management is particularly important, especially while on the road. With a comprehensive operational system, the driver can easily stay in contact with the central office on the go. If planned routes are suddenly blocked or accidents extend the journey, the management can see the driver’s location at a glance with tracking. Thanks to this tracking, spontaneous changes can be made, saving time and money.

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Enhanced Driver Safety

The safety of drivers always comes first, and with the help of GPS systems, the user can see where the vehicle is and if everything is okay. In emergencies, the driver’s position can also be determined.

Additionally, GPS trackers provide increased protection against theft because criminals are primarily interested in the vehicle and its cargo. During standstills, the vehicle can be digitally fenced with a geofence, and the user receives a warning if this area is exited prematurely.

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Additional alarms can help prevent unauthorized entry, reacting, for example, to shocks or movements, thus ensuring the security of the cargo.

Diverse Information is Gathered per Vehicle

Within the system’s software, it’s easy to integrate all vehicles, providing the user with an easy overview of all vehicles and drivers. Each vehicle is set up in advance with all essential information, and then it only needs to be determined which driver is using the vehicle.

The captured information is continuously updated, ensuring the most up-to-date mileage is always visible. This also reveals when the next maintenance is necessary. With the help of these tools, fleet costs are reduced, and wear and tear on parts and vehicles are minimized.

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Based on the determined times and routes, the exact working hours of the drivers can be calculated. In some cases, an electronic logbook may be useful, which is automatically filled with essential information.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Since the logistics manager always has everything in view, they can efficiently manage the fleet and plans. The captured locations automate alerts, notifying of any possible delays. This gives the manager ample time to react and inform the recipient of the delivery in advance about the approximate timeframe. Continuous route tracking and regular communication about all incidents contribute to satisfied customers.

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Cost Savings

Adapted routes and safe driving practices can save the company a significant amount of money, as fluctuating fuel and energy costs are rarely predictable. Adjusting driving habits and selected routes can lead to a substantial reduction in fuel costs.

Optimizing Operations with New Fleet Management Technology

With the help of GPS, cars, trucks, and even construction machinery can be equipped. Every part of the vehicle fleet that influences operations is documented and monitored. The dispatcher has a comprehensive overview of the entire vehicle fleet and can make future decisions based on the collected data. The use of modern technologies protects company assets and increases efficiency.

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