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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, trucks, caravans
  • No charging required, connects to OBD interface
  • Speed, radius, power interruption alarms...
  • Electronic logbook by PAJ included
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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more
  • Direct connection to vehicle battery (9-75V)
  • Alert in case of power interruption
  • Electronic logbook by PAJ included
$49,99 incl. VAT

NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.

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LIVE Tracking

Thanks to the FINDER portal, you always know where your mini GPS tracker is located.

gps tracker live tracking scaled - Buy mini GPS tracker - small GPS transmitter - 2024

Route Recording

Review the detailed route history of the last 365 days.

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Alarm Settings

Easily manage all alarms in one place and receive push notifications in case of emergencies.

What is a Mini GPS Tracker?

A mini GPS tracker offers several advantages. Due to its small size and ease of use, this small GPS tracker can be applied very flexibly. For example, it can be used to secure valuables with limited storage space for a regular GPS Tracker, such as quads, motocross machines, and more. But even objects like koffer can be effectively secured due to their lightweight. Another advantage of our mini GPS trackers is their long battery life or the option for direct connection to a power source.

What advantages does a GPS transmitter Mini offer?

LIVE Tracking

Track the location anytime and from anywhere via live tracking using the Mini GPS Sender.

Push Notification

Receive an immediate notification on your device when an alarm is triggered.

Theft protection

Various alarms help prevent theft in advance.

Route View

Review the route traveled over the last 365 days in the app.


Travel safely on vacation. Enjoy the best network coverage worldwide in over 100 countries.

Invisible Protection

Its small size, compact shape, and inconspicuous color prevent the Mini GPS Tracker from standing out.

How is a mini GPS tracker attached?

If you want to buy a GPS tracker, you can benefit in many ways: These small trackers can be used for a variety of applications. These can be motorized and non-motorized objects. Consequently, there are two different types of mini trackers: battery-powered and devices that are permanently connected to a power source. Both variants of mini trackers offer various advantages in their application:

Mini GPS Sender with Battery

  • Long battery life of up to 90 days in standby mode
  • Low battery warning
  • Easy attachment with strong built-in magnets
  • Multiple connectivity options

Mini GPS Tracker with Permanent Connection

  • Continuous protection, no need for recharging
  • Connects to the vehicle’s battery or OBD interface power
  • Discreet installation with a 2-meter cable
  • Alert notification when the connection to the power source is severed
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How Mini GPS Trackers Work

Due to their small size, GPS trackers in the Mini Tracker category can be used in various ways. These models can be easily attached to people or objects, and due to their low weight, they don’t cause any disturbance while assisting in online tracking.

Mini GPS Trackers operate using satellite signals, which are regularly transmitted and allow for the precise determination of location and speed. In the accompanying app, the user receives additional details about the tracker, and these devices offer many features that enhance the theft protection of valuables, among other functions.

Setting up Mini Trackers with a SIM Card

Prior to purchasing the GPS tracker, it’s essential to ensure that the device includes a SIM card. This SIM card is responsible for sending GPS data to the connected device, which can be a smartphone or tablet. Users also have the option to log into the portal on their computer and access the information there. If no SIM card is included, it can be easily purchased separately. It’s important that the SIM card has sufficient credit to transmit all data to the connected device.

After configuration, users can adjust everything related to the tracker in the appropriate app. It’s possible to conveniently customize alarm functions in the app, and they can be changed or deactivated as needed.

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Applications and Possibilities of Mini GPS Trackers

In essence, small GPS trackers work similarly to mini transmitters, allowing the tracking of people or objects. However, these devices can do much more due to their GPS capabilities. Within the app, the user is continually informed about everything important regarding the GPS tracker and can take quick action in case of emergency. When a set alarm is triggered, the user receives a notification, which can be sent via SMS or as a push notification in the app. The app is compatible with any operating system, whether Android or iOS, making it easy to integrate the tracker. Additionally, the user can use more than one mini tracking device and network them in an overview with just one user account.

Functions and Tracking with a Mini GPS Tracker

Generally, a small GPS tracker offers various alarm functions, which are very similar among all trackers and brands and allow for individual use of the device.

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Battery Alarm on the GPS Tracker

Models that are permanently connected to power do not require charging. Other devices with a battery need regular recharging. The battery life always depends on the intensity of use and tracking duration. Alarms do not consume as much power as real-time live tracking. When the battery life is running low, the user receives a notification and can recharge the device.

Usage of the Mini Tracker

Due to its size and weight, a small GPS tracker allows for highly flexible use. It can be easily stored and does not cause any inconvenience.

Locating Pets with a Mini GPS Tracker

Small trackers can be used to locate pets. They can be attached to the collars of dogs and cats, making it easier to find them if needed.

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Outdoor Activities with GPS Tracking

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, the small tracker can be easily taken along, recording every hike reliably.

Protecting Cars with a Mini GPS Tracker

Companies with a fleet of vehicles or individuals can equip their cars with a tracker. The installation of the device is easily done with the necessary accessories. This ensures reliable protection against potential theft of vehicles. For example, a set speed alert will notify the owners if one of the vehicles is moving too fast, giving them full control.

Mini GPS Tracking Device for People

To protect individuals with dementia, small GPS trackers are being used more frequently. They also allow users to track the location of their own children. Mini GPS trackers thus enable the fine line between surveillance and protection. Due to their lightweight design, carrying them is no problem. With real-time tracking, the user immediately finds out where the person is located. The tracking history provides additional answers about the routes traveled. To access the history and all tracking data, a subscription is required, incurring monthly costs. The cost for this subscription is approximately five euros per month but provides the user with convenience and access to all collected data.

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A magnetic mini GPS tracker provides support in everyday life, so purchasing one is worthwhile for most people. Before buying, it is advisable to make a comparison and check the products with the necessary accessories for the most important aspects. You can also view a GPS tracker test online, so everyone can find the best model at a good price for their own project.

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