Discreet GPS Tracker for Children – GPS Transmitter for Kids

Parents often worry about the safety of their children, as they are the most important thing in their lives and need special protection. At the same time, they want to encourage the independence of the child, allowing them to travel alone to school or a friend’s house. All this can be gradually learned by parents with their little ones, before sending them off on their first little journey alone. But even then, the adults like to keep an eye on the child, ready to react in an emergency.

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.

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LIVE Tracking

Thanks to the FINDER Portal, you always know where your loved ones are right now.

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Route Recording

Review the detailed route history of the last 365 days.

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Alarm Settings

Easily manage all alarms in one place and be notified in case of emergencies via push notifications.

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Space for Children

Children need space to develop and grow in their tasks. Due to work or other commitments, it is not always possible for a family member to safely bring the child home. Adults often worry about the child’s safety on the way home from school. With a tracker, children can be digitally accompanied with real-time tracking on any journey and call for help in case of emergency.

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GPS Tracker for Children for Safety

GPS trackers for children provide additional protection for parents and the child, allowing adults to maintain full control and act quickly in many cases. GPS products for children, such as a GPS tracker watch, can be worn by children at all times. Within the smartphone app, the user can set various alarm functions. When such an alarm is triggered, the user receives a push notification in the app.

With the help of GPS satellites, the real-time location can be queried, enabled by transmitted signals. These signals allow the child’s GPS tracker to calculate the position and speed. The routes traveled and other data are also stored in the app and can be viewed at any time.

The market offers various GPS tracker models for children, and they are especially popular in the form of a watch. This allows children to learn to read the time while wearing the tracker. Depending on the GPS tracker, the child may have the ability to make phone calls. Here, adults control the contacts and determine who can be called. These children’s GPS trackers are a great compromise for the first smartphone, giving children the opportunity to explore modern technology without encountering its downsides.

For those who want to keep it simple, a mini GPS tracker can be attached to the child’s backpack. These trackers are inconspicuous due to their size and weigh only a few grams.

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Protecting the Child

With GPS trackers and the accompanying tracking apps, children can be easily monitored, and location tracking is possible at any time. Parents can also learn more details about their children’s daily lives and track their school routes on their smartphones. Small GPS trackers for children offer parents the essential functions and alarms without too many frills. Before purchasing the product, adults can assess which GPS tracker is suitable for the child and how much freedom they want to provide.

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Setting Up GPS Tracker for Children

Setting up a GPS tracker for real-time tracking requires little technical knowledge, but it’s essential that the GPS device has a SIM card. If it doesn’t, a SIM card with sufficient credit can be purchased separately. The SIM card forwards the GPS data to the connected device or app.

Depending on the model and capacity of the GPS tracker, it needs to be charged regularly, and the battery life also depends on the intensity of use. After successful registration, the GPS tracker for children can be connected in the app, and it’s also possible to connect all your children within one user profile. This way, parents can see where the little ones are at any given time.

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Functions of GPS Tracker for Children

All alarms and functions provided by the GPS tracker for children and parents can be customized as desired.

Live Tracking of the Child

Real-time live tracking allows for precise monitoring of the child, and the app user can view the exact route. Especially when the child doesn’t arrive home on time, parents quickly become worried, and real-time tracking provides information about the child’s whereabouts. This situation is one of the cases where adults need real-time tracking as it provides insights and supports in a possible search.

Radius Alarm and Geofencing – Monitoring the Child’s Movement

To allow children to play unsupervised, the GPS tracker provides additional security for both the child and adults. With the radius alarm, you can set how far the child can move alone. Digital boundaries can also be defined, and adults can set zones that the child should not leave or enter.

Tracking the Routes of the GPS Tracker for Children

If you want to learn more about the paths taken by the kids, you have the option to view all routes traveled, such as to friends’ houses or school, on your mobile phone. All data is stored in the online portal of the companies and can be accessed at any time.

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Is a GPS Tracker for Children Useful?

With the help of GPS trackers, adults provide their children with additional freedom without having to worry too much. They can track every step on their smartphones and check if the child has reached their destination. This gives the child more independence, and adults have all activities in view. In case of an emergency, they can perform location tracking or come to the rescue.

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