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Car theft is a common occurrence in Germany, which is why more and more drivers are investing in a tracking system for their car. A GPS transmitter in the car offers the user other advantages in addition to the actual location.

GPS tracker for the car

Most people know GPS systems for their use as a navigation system, but they can do much more. With the support of such tracking devices , vehicle tracking can be carried out from any location using your own smartphone, computer or laptop. The owner always knows where their own car is and can track it, which also serves to protect their own vehicles from theft . The areas of application for GPS trackers are diverse, especially in vehicles they support the driver with live GPS tracking and offer protection.

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How GPS trackers work

GPS tracking devices use the Global Positioning System, a system of satellites that can be used worldwide. These orbit the earth and send a signal , which GPS tracking devices detect, so the current location can be calculated. The GPS tracker in the vehicle serves as a transmitter, the cell phone acts as a receiver and reproduces the signals and live location in the app or via SMS .


Differences GPS trackers

There are many different models on the market and therefore a wide range of options for the user. These differ not only in the installation and installation on the vehicle, the power supply, but also in the functions and alarms that can be customized. GPS trackers are possible for any type of vehicle, including trucks or other vehicles.


Alarm functions of the trackers in the car

GPS tracking products offer the user many useful functions and alarms that can be individually set.

Live tracking

GPS tracking is possible for the user at any time , i.e. in real time . This offers the driver security and can help solve the problem quickly in the event of theft.

Shock alarm

The GPS tracker reacts to movement and sends an alarm to the receiver if it feels a shock or is removed without authorization. This means that any accidental theft of the vehicle can be noticed and reported quickly, and attempted break-ins on vehicles are also registered as quickly as possible.

Emergency button

The emergency button is pressed in dangerous situations, the GPS tracker then sends a message with the current location to a saved address.


The driver’s regular radius can be limited in the app; if this is left, a notification is sent via the app.


With the help of virtual fences, your own property or street can be bordered. If this digital border is violated, the user receives a message from the GPS tracker in the app on their cell phone.


Installation and use

The GPS tracker for vehicle tracking can easily be retrofitted into any vehicle. A popular option is permanent installation, where the GPS transmitter with GPS antenna is connected directly to the vehicle battery, so that sufficient power supply from the car battery is always guaranteed and the engine compartment is a particularly good hiding place for this tracking technology. The connection diagram is described in detail in the instructions supplied ; anyone who is inexperienced should have this installation carried out in a specialist workshop. The associated cables and antenna can also be easily hidden in the engine compartment.

If you want to install the GPS tracker for car tracking yourself, we recommend a device that is connected via a USB adapter, which can simply be connected to the cigarette lighter . However, this has the disadvantage that it will be discovered immediately in the event of theft, as the cigarette lighter with the USB cable is usually clearly visible. Models with a battery are also possible; the battery performance clearly depends on the use and duration of use; it is of course more powerful in standby mode .

An inconspicuous place that thieves cannot immediately discover is suitable for the tracker. In addition to the engine compartment, it is recommended to store it in the roof of the car or in the panels in the interior. Positioning in the glove compartment or center console is also possible, but is particularly noticeable. A model that is connected to the cigarette lighter in the car via a USB adapter is always a little more noticeable, but also very small.

If the vehicle tracker is not connected to the vehicle battery , it is important that the user can easily access the GPS transmitter at any time to charge or replace the battery. This is not necessary when installing the GPS tracker permanently ; it is also safe from manipulation, is particularly well hidden and always has sufficient power supply in the car.


Installing the software

No matter which GPS transmitter is chosen and installed, the installation of the associated software and registration is always similar, regardless of the manufacturer of GPS trackers for vehicles.

Depending on the provider, an app must be installed on the mobile device; registration for the online tracking portal is done using an email address. When this is completed, information can be entered and adjusted, for example desired alarm functions or restrictions on certain areas .

The user can also set which activities they would like a notification or email for, and additional data about the movement of the car and its monitoring can also be read out.

GPS trackers always use a SIM card or a micro SIM card to transmit the tracking data. This is already included in some models, sometimes it has to be purchased additionally, but this is clear when purchasing. In order to obtain reliable data and to carry out a location , it is particularly important that this SIM card always has sufficient credit. This is the only way to ensure a seamless flow from the GPS transmitter to the receiver.


Notification in the app or via SMS

The data sent by the transmitter is evaluated and played back in the app. Pure SMS location is also possible; the user receives the data via SMS. In addition to the location, a corresponding message is created for each defined alarm when it is triggered, for perfect monitoring of all vehicles .


Security with GPS tracker in the car

In addition to evaluating and optimizing routes and driving data, most users use a GPS tracker in their car as additional protection against theft . Such a tracking system sends appropriate data and can lead to quick clarification in an emergency. Most vehicle thefts are not solved because tracking is hardly possible; a GPS tracker is the perfect addition for special theft protection. In addition, you should of course always make sure that the car is locked, the car key is with you and the steering wheel lock is activated.


The right application

GPS products can be used worldwide; they almost always offer a clear signal, even when permanently installed in the vehicle. However, the GPS device only sends a particularly clear signal under certain conditions and factors; these can usually only be influenced to a limited extent.

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Always clear signal

The best reception with a GPS device is in your car under a clear sky, then a very clear signal is sent to the receiver . This is more difficult inside buildings, such as underground car parks with thick masonry. This makes it difficult for the antennas to send the signal to the paired device. Strong sunlight can also disrupt the GPS signal, as can dense cities or forests.


Advantages of installing a GPS tracker

In addition to locating vehicles and evaluating various data, installing GPS tracking devices in cars offers other advantages. For commercial use, the user benefits from an electronic logbook , which can completely replace a conventional logbook because it cannot be manipulated. In addition, all kinds of vehicles can be equipped with GPS and located, regardless of whether they are trucks or motorcycles . Aside from well-known vehicles, it is also possible to equip expensive objects such as bicycles or construction machinery with a GPS tracker and fence them off virtually. Depending on your wishes, you can protect almost anything from theft with such GPS trackers; you can find these devices on the market in different designs and sizes, suitable for everything.

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