Selling a car – How a GPS tracker can help you

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In the digital age, many doors are open to private individuals if they want to sell their vehicle . If you wish, you can do everything yourself, from the advertisement to the actual sale, or leave the tasks to a dealer. Depending on which route is chosen, sellers get their money faster or slower. There are a few points to consider when selling, with a little planning nothing stands in the way of a successful car sale .

Selling an old car and possible options

If you want to sell your vehicle , you can choose one of many ways. Selling without the internet is possible by placing a “ car for sale” sign in the car, but only people who drive past it and pay attention will see it. People who are familiar with the Internet have a much better chance of making a successful sale, because online you can sell to private individuals and also to verified dealers .

Sell ​​car privately

Selling to a private buyer is definitely more time-consuming than selling to a dealer. You can easily create and upload the required advertisement yourself on various online platforms. In this case, the seller determines all the parameters, price and conditions himself. It is important that the online ad shows beautiful and high-quality images of the car in which the potential buyer can clearly see the car. In addition, it makes sense if as much information as possible is already included in the advertisement, which saves questions from interested parties. Potential interested parties then contact the seller by cell phone or email to arrange test drives or viewings. This means sellers can receive a variety of messages from all over Germany and select the right buyer themselves.

Selling a car to private individuals gives car owners the opportunity to get the best price as they can choose from various offers. So you don’t have to sell at a price you don’t agree with, but you should pay attention to a fair price when selling your car privately .

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Drop off the used car at the dealer

When selling to a dealer , you should note that car sellers do not pay the same prices as a private buyer. After the vehicle has been sold, the dealer takes care of the paperwork and also deregisters the car with the insurance company and the registration office.

However, selling to a dealer offers many advantages, it is convenient and safe, the first steps can be taken from the comfort of your own home . After all the data has been entered online, you will receive a non-binding purchase price, then you can make an appointment with the dealer in your area. If you want to sell your car quickly and conveniently, the online dealer is a good choice, but you should be honest beforehand. If the car has already had dents or major repairs, you must declare this. This ensures that the purchase price can hardly be changed online.

A clear advantage is that you can sell your car immediately and have the money paid out to your account shortly afterwards. Alternatively, if the price is too low for you, you can ask another retailer.

If you are planning to buy a new car anyway, you can trade in the used car for a new car at a local dealer .

If you want to sell your car online, you have many options.


The right time for the best price

Timing is an important factor when selling vehicles, the loss in value is constantly decreasing and repairs are also increasing. Of course, whether you want to sell privately or to a dealer also depends on how quickly you want to get rid of the car. To get a realistic price idea, you should always get an idea of ​​the current market situation in advance. You can easily find an identical car on car platforms and can check in advance how much the car is still worth. You can easily look online at what price others would buy or sell such a vehicle, so you can get a realistic price.

Important precautions for selling a car

After the most important information has been collected, you have probably already made an initial selection and know how you want to sell your car. Now the final stages of the sale are underway.

Determine the correct price and obtain information

For an online advertisement you have to specify the value of the vehicle, i.e. the desired sales price . If the car is sold to a dealer, they specify this.

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Prepare the car

If the car has major defects, these should be remedied first; a current TÜV certificate is also important; this increases the value and gives the buyer security. Anyone who has used a GPS tracker in their car can prove to the seller exactly which routes the car has traveled. A GPS tracker for vehicles can help you justify the purchase price and can make price negotiations much easier.

How car sales work

Once interested parties have been found, viewing appointments and test drives are scheduled, after which the bureaucratic framework must be taken into account. Even if a used car is sold, a purchase contract is mandatory and protects both parties.

Draw up a purchase contract

In the case of a private sale, the seller must draw up a purchase contract himself; there are various forms online that can be used without any problems. The buyer also receives important documents about the vehicle: the registration certificate as well as the vehicle registration document and vehicle registration document.

Inform insurance and registration office

After selling your car, the car must be deregistered; once the vehicle has been deregistered, you are no longer registered as the owner. If you sell a car privately , you do this work yourself. If the car is sold to a dealer, in most cases the dealer will offer to inform the insurance company and de-register the car; this is stipulated in the contract.

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