Safe driving – How can GPS trackers make our roads safer?

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Modern vehicles offer many features that make the car safe and actively support the driver . But despite all the measures, the driver’s behavior is the most important point when it comes to road safety .

Tips for more safety when driving

With the help of a few tips and tricks, the driver can significantly increase the safety of the car. A safe driving style protects the occupants of the car, other road users and has a positive effect on the insurance premium. Modern assistance systems are good support, but not a must, because even without them you can drive safely if you pay attention to a few important points and prepare the car.

Below we have prepared helpful tips for safe driving that every driver should take to heart.

Adapt the vehicle to the driver

The driver must take a few precautions before setting off, especially if the car is not always driven by the same person. You can easily adapt the car to the driver, for example the vehicle handlebar , which can easily be adjusted higher or lower, as can the car seat. Before driving, you must check that the belt is seated correctly so that it offers protection in an emergency. You should also attach a possible child seat correctly; detailed information on this can be found in the operating instructions.

Distraction by the passenger is also  often a problem; even a distraction of less than three seconds can lead to accidents. This is especially true when it comes to smartphones, because just reading or writing a text message is enough to cause a moment of inattentiveness. Around 300,000 accidents are caused by inattentive drivers; many drivers underestimate the danger; nothing distracts drivers as often as cell phones. In addition, technical gadgets increase the driver’s reaction time.

Therefore: always concentrate on the road , if there is a risk of distraction, it is better to take a short break at a rest area.

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The correct behavior when driving a car

Driving behavior plays the most important role in a safe journey; both hands must be on the steering wheel . Make sure that the safe distance to the vehicle in front is maintained, this is the only way to observe the braking distance in dangerous situations and avoid accidents. In order to reduce the risk of accidents , you have to react appropriately in adverse weather conditions, this is especially true in winter!

As soon as it gets wintry, frost, snow and ice quickly become a problem. In such extreme situations you shouldn’t react hectically. You take your foot off the accelerator pedal and you can reduce the speed.

Modern vehicles are equipped with auxiliary systems such as an anti-lock braking system and ESP , but these technologies also have limits, so the driver still has to react correctly.

Anyone who is still unsure in such situations should  take advantage of driving safety training . This is a driving training course in which you also learn more about correct braking and driving techniques on country roads and motorways.

Misty windows are a big problem, especially in winter. They impair the driver’s visibility. Ventilating the car can help here.

For more convenience and quick help in the event of a breakdown, it is worth being a member of an automobile club , for example the ADAC.

Reach your destination safely with good equipment

High-quality equipment helps the driver arrive safely. A navigation system , for example, is a great help if you don’t know your way around or if familiar routes are blocked. You can also keep a GPS tracker in the car , for example in the glove compartment. Some insurance companies support the use of a vehicle GPS device in the car and offer reduced premiums if the driver demonstrates appropriate driving behavior with GPS. These devices are also a good opportunity for the driver to reflect on and adapt their driving style afterwards .

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Safety in the car: Check the vehicle regularly

Car owners can therefore do a lot to ensure that the road safety of the car and their own mobility continue. Some checks must be carried out on the car at regular intervals.

Before every long journey, the tread depth of the summer or winter tires must be checked to ensure that they have sufficient grip. If in doubt, you must replace the tires to ensure maximum safety. Driving with worn tires can result in a fine in an emergency.

The same applies to the air pressure of the tires , because if the tire pressure is low, the driving behavior of the car is unpredictable.

The car’s lighting system must also be checked, the headlights, the low beam and the indicators. Only if these function smoothly can a smooth journey be guaranteed.

Even if you can check some things on your car yourself, it makes sense to carry out a regular inspection at a specialist workshop ; they will check all important fluids and also the brake system. The workshop also alerts you when repairs are pending that you haven’t noticed yet. Only with a tested car can you be on the safe side and arrive at your destination without any surprises.

With these tips for safe driving you can stay safe in wind and weather

More tips

Driving a car should always be stress-free; in tense moments it is better to use public transport. This particularly applies to doctor’s visits or minor procedures; driving under the influence of medication can end badly and insurance companies rarely cover the damage.

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