Emergency GPS transmitter – When GPS saves lives

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GPS tracker is a small, handy emergency call system that can be used to make an emergency call in an emergency. With this emergency call transmitter, in the event of an emergency, the stored relatives are immediately informed via SMS if a family member asks for help. In addition, the GPS position of the affected person is sent in real time, so you can feel safe and receive help quickly in the event of an emergency call.

The emergency call button with GPS as an all-rounder

With a GPS tracker for seniors , people are completely protected; the small gadgets can be used in a variety of ways at home or on the go. Retailers offer a large selection of such devices for GPS localization with many other functions. Small mobile emergency call devices can easily be attached to a key chain or arm as a  wrist transmitter ; other compact models can be carried in your own pocket or jacket. This means emergency call systems are not just for seniors, they can be of good use in everyone’s everyday life.

After the battery has been fully charged, the device with SOS button is immediately ready for use. It is important that it has an integrated SIM card , because the GPS emergency button sends the data via the GSM mobile network at the push of a button. The emergency call system is compatible with any SIM card and can reliably alert relatives. The exact coordinates of the person in need of help will be forwarded immediately.

In order to fully use the tracker, registration is necessary; this is done via the provider’s app. The GPS device has a high-performance battery with 800 mAh. When the battery life is running out, the user receives a corresponding message and can take action. The battery life is around three days, depending on how the sensor is triggered, the value can decrease and the battery charge does not last quite as long. It is therefore important to regularly connect the tracker to the charger so that it is available in an emergency and can send a notification.

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The GPS tracker can be easily programmed and operated using an app ; the tracking transmitter does not have its own buttons or user interface. The device can be set up and personalized via the app.

To fully use the tracker, a subscription is required; this incurs additional costs per month in addition to the purchase price. However, the user always has access to all stored GPS data on the device.

GPS tracking can save lives in an emergency

After the device has been successfully commissioned, it can be used in everyday life, it works without a distance limit , GPS signals are available worldwide, in contrast to a connection with Bluetooth. The corresponding SOS alarm is activated using a button, and the SOS function makes the emergency call immediately via message.

Senior emergency call via GPS

Some systems designed specifically for use by seniors have intelligent fall detection . This means that the device registers when a person falls, the shock immediately triggers an alarm signal and relatives are informed about the incident. This is particularly helpful if, for example, the person in need of help suffers from dementia and falls on a walk. In some cases, it is almost impossible for people with dementia to find their way home safely. In such situations, help is always needed, which the affected person receives by pressing the emergency button .

Quickly ready for use in an emergency

The device can not only inform a predefined contact as a home emergency call , it also offers the user many other functions. For example, the tracker can also be carried in your own vehicle or on hikes. If help is needed because an emergency situation has arisen, you can send your own GPS data to third parties. This information is particularly helpful for emergency services , who do not have to waste any time searching for the casualty.

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The GPS emergency call system also offers even more options; the device has many functions that make everyday life easier, especially if sick or demented seniors are part of the family. GPS systems allow tracking in real time , so if grandma or grandpa haven’t arrived as agreed, the GPS device can determine the exact position. This way the family knows straight away whether help is needed or whether they have simply lost track of time.

Seniors and other people are reliably protected on the go with GPS ; it is possible to trigger an alarm without using the iPhone.

Advantages of mobile emergency call systems

Most people are familiar with the classic home emergency call, but this has the clear disadvantage that the person is only protected in the house or in the room in which the emergency call is located. The Salind GPS trackers are easy to take with you, and seniors in particular benefit from this as they don’t want to lose their usual freedom. So it’s no problem to continue to go about your daily routine. The other family members have to worry less because they can always see at a glance where the grandparents are.

In emergencies, a designated contact is informed immediately and can provide prompt assistance. This means that those affected are protected outside their four walls and do not have to forego shopping or going for walks.

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