Checking and measuring the oil level in your car: This is how to do it correctly!

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To save time and money, drivers can carry out small work on the vehicle themselves, including regularly checking the car’s oil level . At the latest when the on-board computer flashes, it is time to check the oil consumption . If you drive for a long time with too little oil, you risk damage to the engine in the long term.

Check the oil level correctly, check the oil in the car

You should measure the oil level regularly, especially in older vehicles; checking is very easy with the right preparation and the right equipment . Before you check the engine oil on your car, you should get suitable material, a lint-free paper towel and the correct oil in case you need to top up the oil. If you want to check the oil level, you should park the car on a flat surface and open the hood to the engine compartment.

Pay attention to the oil level mark on the dipstick

Now the rod is removed for measurement and the oil film is wiped off on the lint-free cloth, then it is reinserted. You can then pull out the dipstick again and now you can measure the oil level correctly on the dipstick . If you are unsure here, you can find information on how to read it correctly in the operating instructions or the vehicle’s operating instructions.

Marks on the dipstick

There are two marks on the dipstick that are necessary to check the car oil . They indicate the minimum and maximum, i.e. the amount of oil that is necessary to ensure that the car is well supplied. Ideally, the filling quantity should not exceed the max mark. The distance between the markings corresponds to around one liter of oil .

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Too much or too little oil in the engine

If there is too little oil in the engine , the driver can expect damage. If the affected parts are not sufficiently lubricated, it is possible that the piston inside the car will be damaged by the resulting friction. If you drive with a low oil level, you risk engine damage. Especially in older cars, you have to read the oil level regularly; it is always possible that the car will lose oil and no longer run smoothly without the lubricant.

If there is too much oil, the required lubrication performance is lost, engine oil gets into the intake tract and damages the car.

Measure and top up oil when the engine is cold or warm?

Ideally the engine is still warm, in this case a few minutes are enough. If the car has been standing for a long time, you should have driven the car for at least 10 kilometers before you can properly check the current status. If the car was parked on a flat surface, you should wait a few minutes to allow the oil to collect in the oil pan .

Refilling engine oil – what you need to pay attention to when refilling

Since the engine is still warm, in the worst case scenario there is even a risk of burns. You should wait a while before checking the level or adding more oil. After the vehicle is on a flat surface, pull out the stick near the filler neck and check the car’s oil level. After the correct check, you can decide whether and how much oil needs to be filled.

Not every oil can be filled into every engine; the viscosity , i.e. the dilution of the engine oil, plays an important role. If in doubt, you can find more detailed information about the manufacturer’s required oil in the car’s instructions. Cars with electronic measurement tell the driver exactly how much oil the car is missing.

If you have any problems, contact a workshop

Drivers who are still unsure about what is important when checking the oil can always contact their trusted workshop. Noticeable smells of fuel and oil are a sign that the engine oil is no longer working properly. In this case, a specialist should be called in immediately. The car’s fluids and wear must be checked regularly; the oil level should be checked at least once a month, depending on how you drive and use the car. The engine oil used can be carried in a small pack in the trunk for possible emergencies. In order to find the right engine oil , consultation with the workshop can be helpful. There are a few little things to keep in mind when refilling in your own garage, but if you do it regularly, it’s child’s play. Modern vehicles transmit the oil level directly to the driver via the on-board computer.

In addition to an inspection, you also need to have your oil changed regularly . After a certain time, the additives in the oil break down and the oil becomes old. If you don’t have the confidence to do this or if a repair is needed, you should ideally call in a specialist craftsman.

In addition to regular maintenance, many car owners also think about effective theft protection. Special GPS trackers for cars are becoming increasingly popular.

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