Car rental GPS tracker – monitor the rental car via GPS

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Rental cars are in vogue; for many people, owning a car has become obsolete, which is good for the environment and your wallet. But if public transport is not sufficient, you resort to a car rental company . But how can a car rental company keep an eye on all vehicles and ensure good theft protection? GPS tracking is a big topic when it comes to vehicles. The car is monitored and the owner can always access the location. GPS vehicle tracking offers many advantages for companies with large fleets.

Every rental at a glance with GPS

GPS trackers work using satellite signals, so they can determine their own position and send it live to a device. To do this, they also need a SIM card, a connection to the vehicle power or have an integrated battery that needs to be charged. The tracking system can be installed in selected vehicles or in all cars. The GPS tracker records a lot of information about the car , and the associated visualization takes place in the appropriate app that the provider provides for this specific purpose. The subscription allows access to all data that is automatically saved in the system, but incurs a monthly cost . Depending on the system, the owner can, if desired, decommission the vehicle if it is stolen.

In the app the user has the perfect overview , every route is visible and is presented in a comprehensible manner. These systems reliably inform the owner if someone is tampering with the car or the vehicle is being moved without authorization. If the rental car is not returned on the agreed date and a call to the renter is unsuccessful, you can locate the car at any time .

women near rented car with open door enjoying myrt 2021 08 27 09 32 59 utc scaled - rental car GPS tracker - monitor the rental car via GPS

We recommend devices that can be permanently connected to the power supply, so there is no need for annoying charging. Other models require regular charging; when the battery life is running out, the user is informed of this in the app.

Renting a car abroad is also no problem because the GPS signal is received worldwide. Using the data, the rental company knows exactly when and how long the customer drove. This system can be used to check whether the tenant has adhered to the agreements and how long he wants to keep the car.

Equip the entire fleet with GPS

Special car GPS devices are not only ideal for car rental companies to check renters , they can also be used in many other areas. For example, if fleet managers feel the need to network all cars and trucks in the company.

Entrepreneurs can use such technology to integrate an electronic logbook ; implementation is linked to the framework conditions of the responsible tax office. Contacting the driver also makes sense in some situations, and communication with customers also becomes better because you always have an overview and can contact the responsible driver at any time. The collection of this information is only permitted if the employees agree, and management should take this into account. The fleet manager benefits from complete monitoring and can also see the speed being driven. In addition, data about the car and maintenance can be entered into the app. First, the master data must be stored; the tracker stores ongoing data independently.

An important point for companies and car rental companies is increased theft protection , in this case GPS trackers are a reliable solution for the entire fleet. The tracking device informs in the event of theft, the device notifies the owner when the journey begins and gives a message as soon as vehicles move without authorization. GPS tracking therefore offers a comprehensive overview and increases protection.

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