Do steering wheel claws make sense to increase theft protection?

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With the help of steering wheel claws, the steering wheel of the vehicle should no longer be able to be moved, this increases theft protection and the clearly visible device should have a deterrent effect on car thieves . Steering wheel claws therefore serve as a mechanical immobilizer. When buying, it is important to pay attention to good quality, as some models can be easily cracked by a thief.

Attach the steering wheel claws correctly

To ensure that the steering wheel claw sits firmly, it must first be raked into the steering wheel using the integrated rakes. Now the additional anti-theft device is aligned and locked accordingly. Since most of the claws are extendable, they adapt individually to the vehicle. The device contains a separate lock or a combination lock that must be locked. When buying a steering wheel claw, it is important to pay attention to a sturdy design and high-quality material . Steel is particularly robust, and a bright color of the clearly visible claw can also deter thieves and prevent theft. The best steering wheel claws are eye-catching and made of small metal or steel.

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Alternative to steering wheel claws

Modern vehicles are equipped with many technical gadgets that can also prevent car theft . An electronic alarm system, for example, warns the owner if someone is tampering with the car; in the event of an attempted theft, violently shaking a tool can trigger the system.

No matter how new the car is, every car offers the driver a steering wheel lock , this type of immobilizer is activated as soon as the steering wheel is turned accordingly. To release this lock, the vehicle key must be activated in the ignition, then the lock is released and the steering wheel can be moved. In addition to the mechanical steering wheel claw, the owner of the vehicle can also work with a lock for the pedals . This must also be attached manually every time you park.

The best protection against theft is offered by a combination of mechanical and electronic solutions , so it makes sense to retrofit your car with certain measures to significantly increase the security of your vehicle. Highly visible devices are always an excellent deterrent and help protect the car from theft .

With which vehicles can be protected in addition to the steering wheel claw

Protective devices and steering wheel claws are available in different designs, but the clear disadvantage of manual locks is clear: they have to be removed again before each trip. The steering wheel claw leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to theft protection , if it is used as the only measure. In order to protect the car in the best possible way, a mix of different devices always makes sense. So, for example, if a thief manages to open the car, he should also encounter obstacles in the interior that make car theft more difficult.

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It is important for owners to protect their vehicles, such as their own car or mobile home, from theft, but even the best protective measures can fail and the car is stolen. In this case it is important to inform the police and the insurance company, but the clearance rate is low. Stolen cars are quickly taken abroad and remain missing.

So that in the worst case scenario you still have a chance of finding the vehicle again, a car GPS tracker can be installed in the interior of the car. These devices only differ in the power supply; some have to be connected directly to the vehicle’s power, others have to be charged regularly. Using satellite signals, the car can be located within a few meters at any time . The user has complete control within the associated app, where all movements are clearly visualized. In addition, the smartphone app offers a wealth of different alarms that can be set individually. This gives the car owner the opportunity to prevent possible theft. As soon as the car moves or leaves a fixed area, a message is triggered on the cell phone, so the owner knows immediately and can take action immediately

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