Person tracking – protecting people with dementia

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Families with older members are often in conflict. On the one hand, they don’t want to deny the senior their independence and freedom , but on the other hand, they are worried, especially if the family member suffers from dementia. Such situations require an uncomplicated solution ; it is rarely possible to ensure security yourself around the clock and not leave grandma or grandpa’s side.

Person tracking with GPS for a person with dementia

With the help of modern technology , it is possible to easily keep an eye on people with dementia and older people with various ailments without having to be on site all the time. A GPS tracker for seniors is simply worn by the affected person like a wristwatch, so relatives can access the location at any time and check whether everything is OK. Other person trackers without a wristband are small and handy, so they can be carried quickly and easily in your bag .

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GPS trackers are small technical devices that can calculate positions based on satellite signals. With a tracker, all movement data can be determined and sent to a connected smartphone. This calculation is accurate to a few meters , it is important to note that these signals are not very reliable in closed rooms, inside buildings or tunnels, but an ordinary walk is not a problem.

This means the family always has an overview of their whereabouts, location data and the routes taken. All information is stored on the provider’s server; depending on the model, vital data and movement data are also stored.

Older people lose orientation more quickly when they leave their home, a GPS tracker not only makes this possible

monitoring the position by your own family, it also offers help in the event of an emergency . Every GPS transmitter has an SOS button . If this is pressed, a saved contact will be informed accordingly via SMS. The current location is also sent so that the relatives know immediately where the person is.

Your own alarms can be set via the app and the user has the option, for example, to digitally fence off certain areas and areas that they consider dangerous. As soon as such a limit is exceeded, the app notifies the user. This way the person can be helped quickly.

Some models offer special sensors that detect falls and immediately transmit them via mobile phone. If the person concerned is traveling for a while, the location can be retrieved live using the tracker.

These devices need to be charged regularly, the battery life depends on usage, as soon as the battery needs to be charged, the user receives a notification.

GPS person tracking: Dementia is a current topic

Locating people with a person tracker has nothing to do with pure surveillance; it serves to protect and locate those affected and supports the family. Real-time location tracking easily gives seniors more freedom and privacy. If a problem arises and the person can no longer find their way home, the device’s functions ensure quick help; the affected person can also call for help independently using the special button . It is therefore easily possible to protect people with a GPS tracker without restricting them in everyday life.

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