Securing your e-bike – How to protect your e-bike from thieves

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Many bicycles are stolen every year , and thieves not only target mountain bikes, but also high-quality e-bikes. Most stolen bikes are no longer found but are sold on directly; the owner rarely has a chance of getting the bike back. An expensive e-bike and Pedelec in particular represents an investment for the buyer, so owners of an e-bike should do everything they can to protect it from bicycle thieves .

Protect your e-bike from theft

To effectively protect your e-bike from thieves , a combination of several measures is the best solution, which is why it is important that riders do not just rely on one lock. The owner can use various options to protect the bicycle or e-bike , for example a small alarm system or a GPS tracker. Such devices are attached to the bicycle and are hardly noticeable. Together with other actions, this increases the security level and reliably informs the user in the event of an attempted theft .

GPS tracker for e-bikes as theft protection

GPS transmitters are small, handy devices that are mounted on the bicycle or permanently installed in the e-bike. This depends on the model you choose and its power supply. Since e-bikes and pedelecs have a motor, a model with a permanent connection can be chosen, which means that the e-bike always supplies enough power to power the tracker. Other models have an integrated battery, which must be charged manually regularly.

GPS trackers work using satellite signals; positions and speeds can be calculated based on the signal and its distance. The tracker sends this information to the paired device, which can be a smartphone or a tablet.

To protect the bike from theft, the tracker can be used like an alarm system ; it has various alarm functions, which can be flexibly set using the app.

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Since the device is attached directly to the bike, it is important that it is hidden. Bicycle thieves are aware of this technology and try to remove it before the theft to avoid prosecution. For example, the motion alarm notifies the user immediately as soon as the e-bike moves, which increases the e-bike’s protection against theft.

Within the app, the user can create digital fences , for example around the parking space. As soon as someone wants to steal the bike, the user receives a message. Even if the wheel moves or the tracker is removed, the owner receives an alert and can act accordingly. The respective alarm function then functions as a signaling system; the parameters are variable and can always be adjusted.

These smart devices can therefore help to increase e-bike theft protection and security .

Additionally secure the e-bike

Experts advise properly securing your e-bike against theft , which doesn’t just mean attaching expensive e-bike accessories for protection. There are other things each owner can do to deter potential bike thiefs and reduce the risk of theft. With the following tips, everyone can protect their valuable e-bike in the best possible way:

  • If you want to park your e-bike, you must always do so on busy streets or parking lots. Many people deter potential thieves.
  • You should also invest in a high-quality lock so that the bike or Pedelec can be safely parked in almost any place.
  • U-lock has no moving parts, making it particularly robust, but unfortunately there is little room for attaching it to a fixed object.
  • chain lock is particularly flexible and available in different lengths. A particularly thick lock is recommended, as they are not easy to crack. The longer the process takes, the more likely thieves will lose interest in opening bike locks.
  • frame lock on the rear wheel can prevent your e-bike from being taken away, but thieves still have the option of easily carrying the bike. Therefore, this lock should always be used in combination with other measures .
  • Folding locks are particularly easy to transport, but they can also be opened without much effort. Therefore, a folding lock is not the right choice if you want to secure an expensive e-bike or pedelec .
  • Some thieves can be deterred by using bicycle locks , but e-bike owners should not rely exclusively on a bicycle lock. Proper storage also makes a big difference; ideally, you should store the bike in your own garage , as long as it can be locked. Bicycle storage is also a good option if no one else has access.
  • To ensure that the bike is particularly unattractive, the battery should be taken with you when you leave the bike behind.
  • If there is no way to keep the bike protected, the user can simply take the entire e-bike into the house and park it in the hallway, for example.

What to do if the e-bike is stolen

cropped shot of male biker in helmet and gloves ch 2021 08 31 05 18 51 utc 600x400 - Securing your e-bike - How to protect your e-bike from thieves

Despite a bike lock and secure storage, it can still happen that the bike is stolen or the lock is broken. In these cases, it is helpful if a GPS tracker has been attached to the bike . If the thief has not yet discovered and removed it, it can be found using a smartphone. However, this is rarely possible inside buildings, as the required signals can rarely be received in basements. However, the route taken can be accessed and tracked within the app.

After the theft has been noticed , the police should always be informed. In the next step, the user must contact their bicycle insurance or household contents insurance and describe the incident. In the corresponding bicycle passport you will find all the important information about the bike, including the registration number, which can be used to identify and assign any stolen goods found .

Anyone can now take out extra insurance for e-bikes when buying a bike; if the bike is stolen, the purchase price will be refunded.

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