Theft protection for motorhomes

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Going on holiday in your own motorhome is a dream for many. Motorhome or caravan give a feeling of freedom to simply travel wherever you want. The route can be planned individually and changed at any time; a camper is the epitome of independence . Especially on longer trips, people don’t like to forego the usual comfort and equip the vehicle accordingly. Owners of motorhomes invest a lot of time and money in upgrading the car with valuables and facilities, which is why thieves also keep an eye on it. Because such a vehicle is very popular, after a successful theft the car can be sold without any problems. The thieves do this routinely: they saw through additional bars or tamper with the driver’s cab by prying open windows or doors to gain access. Securing your motorhome against theft is the best way to prevent thieves, because if you  want to protect your motorhome from theft , you can do a lot in just a few simple steps.

Tips on how to secure the motorhome

Campers are stolen from pitches, especially in the cold winter months, as they are usually unguarded. But such vehicles are also stolen on the go, for example at rest stops or public parking lots. Small measures can be taken to secure a vehicle reliably, regardless of whether the camper is at home or traveling. However, even good theft protection is not 100% protection; it can certainly happen that the vehicle is stolen despite it being secured. Motorhomes are not really equipped to be secure by design; they have simple locking cylinders and quickly attract thieves. If you want to protect your motorhome against theft , you have to retrofit it: For example, a GPS tracker for the motorhome is suitable for finding it .

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Protect the motorhome from theft with appropriate measures

With the help of small changes in behavior, the protection against burglary of the motorhome can be sustainably increased; the aim is to make possible theft more difficult and prevent a break-in.

Immobilizers can increase theft protection

New models have an immobilizer; on old campers, this can be added later; it takes effect when the vehicle is switched off. Such a device effectively protects against the burglar driving away with the motorhome.

Alarm systems on the motorhome for more security

Motorhomes are particularly well secured with an alarm system , but the purchase and installation are an investment. Such systems work with the help of sensors that are hidden in the vehicle and reliably protect the motorhome from theft . As soon as a car thief tampers with the vehicle, the system is triggered and a loud acoustic signal warns of the attempted theft. With the help of sensitive sensors on windows and doors , the alarm system reacts immediately if someone tries to break in, so thieves are caught in the act . Thanks to cheaper models, you can also install it yourself; for high-quality burglary and theft protection , it is recommended that the new system be installed by a specialist.

Manual fuses on the motorhome

With the help of manual locks, the motorhome is on the move and better protected in its permanent parking space. This allows the owner to install additional locks to secure the driver and passenger doors. A steering wheel lock can also help; it prevents the thief from driving away and must lock into place after the car is parked. Steering wheel claws work in a similar way ; the driver can easily install them themselves; the steering wheel claw is simply attached to the steering wheel when the motorhome is parked. Wheel claws or a parking claw provide additional protection. These are attached to one or more tires with a bracket, but the driver must remove such a claw manually before each journey. With a few simple steps you can make the motorhome even safer at every stop. Ideally, all valuables are taken with you or stored in a safe so as not to attract thieves. Visible security, whether mechanical or electronic, can reliably deter many thieves .

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Before locking the car , all windows and doors should also be checked; the owner must especially lock sliding windows tightly, as thieves prefer to use these to gain unauthorized entry. A high level of protection against burglary starts with the little things, which is why it must be made impossible for thieves to open from the outside. When locking the vehicle securely, it is important to pay attention to the radio signal from the vehicle key ; some crooks interrupt the frequency and thus prevent the motorhome from being locked.


The right insurance for motorhome theft protection

When purchasing a motorhome, specialist retailers draw attention to the issue of safety and give tips on how to secure the motorhome . Additional insurance can also make sense so that you don’t have to worry about financial burdens in the event of burglary or theft. The belongings inside the locked motorhome are often already covered by your own household contents insurance , so you can avoid any uneasy feeling.

Protect your motorhome and your belongings with the right anti-theft device

It is therefore easy to protect motorhomes and caravans sustainably with good theft protection . However, all of these fuses alone do not provide sufficient protection against theft; motorhomes or caravans can still always be stolen. In order to increase theft protection and secure valuables in a motorhome , it must be retrofitted accordingly, ideally with a combination of different measures .

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To further secure the caravan, a small GPS tracker can be attached. This enables location and provides reliable information when a set alarm is triggered. The market offers a wide range of different models, some are permanently connected to the motorhome’s electricity, others need to be charged externally on a regular basis. It is controlled via an app , within which the tracker can be easily set up and configured. Depending on the model, different alarms are available. For example, it is possible to digitally fence off the parking space ; as soon as it is left, the user receives a message about the incident. Even if the car is moved or shaken, the owner receives information via app, SMS or email. In the event of theft, the caravan can easily be located digitally; the tracker reports the current location every second, which helps with the search and provides the police with good information for the investigation.

If a GPS device is also used to protect the car , the owner benefits from holistic monitoring. By combining many consistent measures, the owner can significantly increase the protection of their own caravan and, if in doubt, act immediately.

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