Increase car theft protection

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Car theft is still a major problem in Germany; every year several thousand vehicles are stolen by car thieves and sold illegally. No car is really safe, regardless of whether the car is parked in a garage or unprotected, theft even from your own property is not uncommon. You can protect your car against theft with a combination of different anti-theft devices . However, none of the measures work well on their own. If you want to reliably protect your car from theft, you should choose various suitable measures to counteract a possible crime.

Prevent car theft

Improving theft protection does not necessarily require sophisticated vehicle electronics ; good vehicle theft protection starts with small, everyday steps that anyone can easily carry out. If you follow the most important tips , you have a good chance of protecting your car from theft and can avoid the unpleasant consequences.

Anti-theft protection for the car – mechanical or electronic?

The first step to protecting your car from theft is to take valuables with you. Credit cards, spare keys or cash have no place in the interior of the vehicle when the car is parked. Present valuables attract thieves and may lead to theft from the car .

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If the car is locked with a remote control key, the driver must pay attention to the visual or acoustic signals; some thieves use devices that interfere with these frequencies and prevent the car from being locked. Experts recommend guarded parking spaces to park your car safely. Dark alleys or deserted streets are an invitation for car thieves; they prefer quiet areas, so busy streets and parking garages are a deterrent.

Mechanical vehicle anti-theft device

Visible protective measures are already a good approach and excellent  protection against car theft , because optical claws or locks involve a lot of work. The longer it takes to crack a fuse, the less attractive the car becomes for the thief.

A reliable anti-theft device for the car is the classic parking claw ; this device is attached to the rim of the car and thus secures it. Because it is mounted on the sensitive rim and has an eye-catching appearance, thieves usually refrain from trying. The disadvantage is that the equipment always has to be removed before continuing the journey.

Every vehicle has a steering wheel lock , this is engaged before the car is locked and can only be released with the vehicle key. If you want additional visible protection, you can use a steering wheel claw . Steering wheel claws are manually attached to the steering wheel and prevent it from driving away; the steering wheel is securely locked and deters thieves.

With the help of a gearshift lock , the car’s gearshift is blocked and the vehicle cannot be moved. With a manual transmission, reverse gear must be engaged; with an automatic transmission, the control must be in the park position. This device can be retrofitted in any specialist workshop and secures the car.

Electronic vehicle theft protection

If you prefer technical measures to protect your car from theft, you can choose from a number of devices that increase car theft protection . With the help of an electronic immobilizer, car thieves cannot move the car. Thanks to the automatic locking, the car is protected as soon as it is parked. 

The most well-known vehicle anti-theft device is the alarm system. It is often integrated into new vehicles, but it can be upgraded at any time. The alarm system reacts, for example, if the car is being towed or if someone is inside. As soon as the alarm goes off, a loud signal sounds, which alerts passers-by and deters the thief. 

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Since installing a high-quality alarm system always involves high costs, many drivers refrain from handing in their vehicle to a specialist. Car trackers also enable a similar effect ; they are available at different prices, depending on the provider and functions. Modern  car models already have integrated GPS; the so-called global positioning system is used here. Thanks to constant satellite signals, the vehicle can be located using GPS . The different devices offer the user some alarm functions, for example a motion or vibration alarm. Additional conditions can be set in the provider’s app  , for example a fixed radius or a specific area. As soon as the set parameters have been exceeded, the user receives a message in the app, via SMS or email and is informed. 

Ideally, you should use a tracker that is firmly connected to the car so that the device’s power supply is secured; the battery cable for connection is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the precise location, the location of the vehicle is easily visible and the owner can find it quickly and easily. The additional alarms and functions provide additional protection and offer the user ideal comfort.

What to do if the car is stolen despite theft protection

If the vehicle is stolen, you must immediately report this to the police, who will record the incident and search for the stolen car. The vehicle owner must always make a report and submit a copy of this to his vehicle insurance company . The partial comprehensive insurance must be reported immediately, as they will note the day of the theft for further proceedings . Initially, a telephone report is sufficient; the written report must then follow promptly.

If the car is stolen and not found again, the comprehensive insurance will pay the damage. When calculating the amount, the insurance company checks the value of the vehicle and reimburses the replacement value .

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When does insurance pay out in the event of car theft?

In the event of car theft, the relevant insurance company only pays if the driver acted correctly. It is important that there were no obvious valuables in the car and that the vehicle was locked correctly. If there is gross negligence, negotiating with the insurance company can be difficult.

The ideal theft protection for your car

To avoid hassle with the insurance company, the driver can take specific precautions to protect the car. Some insurance companies even lower the monthly premium if a GPS device is used in the vehicle.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should use a mix of different security measures that are both visible and invisible. Since most thieves can easily be frightened away by security made of solid materials, conspicuous protection should always be part of the security. Thieves particularly prefer vehicles that are easy to steal; they want to spend little time avoiding being caught in the act.

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