Protect trailers with good anti-theft devices

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Car trailers serve well in everyday life and are used by many to transport furniture, firewood or building materials. The use of trailers is simple and uncomplicated, they are ready for use at any time and are quickly connected to the coupling of the towing vehicle , without additional tools or accessories. However, this easy handling also ensures that trailers are easily stolen; with targeted anti-theft devices, the car trailer can be protected from thieves. In contrast to other vehicles, trailers are rarely additionally secured, which is a godsend for thieves and thieves .

Increase trailer theft protection

It’s not just classic trailers that are of interest to thieves, caravans are also popular stolen goods and require high-quality theft protection. With just a few simple steps and inexpensive equipment , protection against theft can be increased . If you want to buy a trailer, you will notice when searching that it is not particularly well secured from the factory. If you want to  protect your trailer from theft , you have to retrofit it yourself. Good trailer anti-theft devices are not expensive, and you can do a lot with even small purchases.

Prevent theft with good trailer security

The market offers a variety of gadgets that are good anti-theft protection for trailers ; due to the large selection, everyone can quickly find the right product. There are many fuses available on the Internet, here you can easily make a comparison and easily order the right item online without any risk.

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Various locks for trailers

The most obvious purchase is a lock to protect the team, but not in the traditional sense. The net offers a good selection of different devices that provide the trailer with the best possible protection.

Different locks for the trailer

A so-called box lock, or clutch lock,  consists of a steel box, it is pushed onto the clutch, secured with a bolt and then locked. The lock can only be attached when the trailer is not attached; the box lock is used when the trailer is not needed.

The plug lock , however, can only be used when coupled . After the trailer hitch is engaged, the lock is inserted and locked. Since this model almost completely disappears, it is particularly difficult for thieves to crack this device.

The ball head of the trailer is secured with a trailer lock , and by locking it with a steel bracket, owners reliably prevent the trailer from being stolen by unauthorized persons. The trailer can be easily uncoupled, parked and locked without third parties tampering with it.

discus lock is a classic lock that is not an ideal trailer security as it can easily be cracked by thieves. The so-called ball lock is also one of the car trailer anti-theft devices , which protects the trailer’s ball coupling.

Wheel claws in particular act as a deterrent to thieves; as soon as the trailer has been parked, a wheel claw can be attached. Since a parking claw represents a clearly visible obstacle, it has an intimidating effect and can already prevent theft .

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If the car trailer is stolen despite the anti-theft system

It can never be completely ruled out that trailers and caravans will be stolen despite good theft protection. Theft is always a possibility, regardless of the precautions taken. In an emergency, the stolen goods are rarely found again and remain missing.

Additional insurance can be taken out for trailers; liability insurance often pays a portion if the trailer is stolen. However, trailer theft protection can be further increased with the help of a GPS tracker. GPS devices work reliably using satellite signals and can locate positions with an accuracy of just a few meters. This allows, for example, a virtual limitation of the parking space , and an alarm message can also be set for the slightest movement. The associated app immediately informs the owner when set alarms have been triggered. Thanks to the timely reporting of all incidents and precise location , the user benefits from good anti-theft protection, and trailers and caravans are therefore better protected.

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