Vehicle monitoring – how useful is it?

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Anyone who loves their car takes care of it and takes special care of it. In addition to regular cleaning and inspections, the factor of vehicle theft should not be forgotten; several thousand cars are stolen in Germany every year, many of which can no longer be found. In addition to some manual safeguards on the vehicle, it can also be equipped with GPS trackers, so the owner has full monitoring and can intervene in an emergency.


Use of GPS tracker in the car

In order to protect their own vehicle from theft, more and more people are turning to GPS protection. These items are installed in the vehicle and also offer alarms and functions to protect and determine various data.

Most people are aware of the general use of GPS ; this system is mostly used in cars for navigation. Navigation systems work with the so-called Global Positioning System, or GPS for short, to track routes and call up locations. This system works worldwide, so navigation systems can also be used abroad . These satellites can be used to retrieve locations or monitor and track vehicles.

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A GPS tracker is a tracking device with which the current location of the vehicle can be called up at any time, this is done with so-called live tracking. The current coordinates can be recorded using an end device, the vehicle can then be recognized on a map on the cell phone or tablet and can be tracked. Each device has different functions and the assembly is different depending on the model and provider.


When is vehicle monitoring useful?

GPS transmitters for cars are definitely useful for private individuals and companies with a large fleet of vehicles. Vehicle monitoring with GPS can be used in a variety of ways and records different values ​​that can always be accessed.

For private individuals

When it comes to private use of a GPS tracker in the car, the biggest benefit is theft protection . This vehicle monitoring provides support in the event of theft; the vehicle can usually be found quickly. In addition, you can track the routes you have traveled, determine the kilometers you have driven and thus get a better picture of your own consumption. This makes it easier to find alternative routes for optimization purposes. In addition to GPS vehicle tracking for cars, this is also possible for other vehicles, such as motorcycles.


In addition to the safety of the vehicle, fleet managers within a company are also interested in the safety of employees and the load. They also plan the tours and routes; empirical values ​​based on GPS data can be particularly helpful and serve for optimization. Processes, costs, logbooks and trips can be monitored and improved; the fleet manager has full control using GPS tracking.


Vehicle tracking functions

In addition to the tracking itself, GPS trackers offer different alarm functions , which are often crucial for the selection and the right product. The alarms can be set as needed; if one is activated, the user receives a notification on their device and can act accordingly


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Shock alarm

If someone tries to break into the vehicle without authorization or remove the GPS tracker , the receiver receives a corresponding signal with the current location of the car. This means you can take action before the actual theft .


With the help of virtual fences, you can limit your own property or company property. When the vehicle enters or leaves this boundary, a corresponding alarm will be sent by the GPS device.

Battery charge

Some GPS trackers contain a battery that must be replaced or charged regularly. The battery life depends on its size and usage, or the number of alarms sent. When this is loaded, a corresponding notification will be sent to the recipient.

SOS Taste

One of the most important functions on the GPS tracker is the emergency button. When this is pressed, a stored receiver receives an emergency call and the current location of the transmitter.

Vehicle data and routes

In addition to the alarms as part of vehicle tracking , other data can also be determined and evaluated using the associated app; in addition to the routes traveled and the travel time, the average speed can also be read out. Rest periods and the logbook of truck drivers can also be accessed digitally.


GPS tracker for the car – different models

GPS trackers for vehicle monitoring not only differ in appearance and price, the various functions and GPS alarms , they also differ in how they are mounted and attached within the vehicle.

GPS trackers with batteries can be placed freely in the vehicle; hidden installation is recommended so that vehicle tracking is not interrupted or the tracker can be removed without authorization. Of course, this space also depends on the size of the GPS vehicle tracking system you choose . Smaller GPS transmitters can be placed in the glove compartment or the center console, while larger models find a good place in the paneling in the interior or in the sky of the vehicle. Care should be taken here to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot easily discover the GPS transmitter, but that it is still easily accessible; this is the only way the battery can be charged or replaced, which is essential for complete vehicle tracking.

Some GPS transmitters can be connected directly to the vehicle battery. These offer the advantage that the battery does not need to be charged; the GPS tracker is supplied with enough energy to always transmit data for location . These models can be hidden or permanently installed directly near the engine.

Since thieves in particular have vehicle tracking on their radar, it is important to choose a model that has an emergency power battery, so that GPS tracking of the vehicles can be guaranteed for some time.


Set up GPA tracker

In order to set up GPS tracking for the vehicle , no basic technical knowledge is necessary. In addition to the product, you also need a mobile device, a smartphone , tablet or even a laptop to log into the provider’s online portal or the app for tracking to use. Registration with an email address is necessary here. If this has been successfully completed, vehicle tracking can be set up.

Necessary accessories for live tracking

In addition to the actual GPS system, a SIM card is also required for GPS tracking of vehicles. This then sends the current location to the recipient, so it is important that it has enough credit. The SIM card is often already integrated, sometimes it has to be purchased. This must be taken into account when purchasing so that the setup can be completed quickly and reliably. In addition, it must be topped up regularly; an extra contract is suitable here; prices should be compared before purchasing in order to find the best offer .

Provider portal and app

In order to use the full scope of the corresponding portal, a subscription is usually necessary; the monthly costs for this vary depending on the manufacturer and functions. The advantages are obvious: All data relating to the vehicle can be filtered and accessed in the menu , the data for the entire fleet is stored on the provider’s server for up to 100 days and can therefore be read and evaluated for a very long time. It is advantageous for companies that several vehicles can be called up in the online tracking system , one app for everything. The costs for this obviously depend on the scope used and the number of equipped vehicles. Thanks to the transparency of the providers, the employee in charge has an overview of all costs.

Even if you only want to track one vehicle, you can take advantage of these tracking systems ; the monthly cost of the subscription is around five to ten euros, depending on the provider and the scope of the service.


Advantages and disadvantages

Vehicle monitoring using tracking systems offers a particularly high level of theft protection, which is advantageous in a foreign country or on vacation. The different alarms can always be individually adjusted.

Private use

Private individuals not only benefit from theft protection with GPS vehicle tracking , the evaluations in the app are also interesting for many drivers. In this way, routes, consumption and speed can be checked and possibly adjusted. After correct setup and assembly, make sure that the GPS transmitter is sufficiently charged so that live positioning is possible at all times. This means that in the event of theft you can act and break-in attempts can be identified immediately. The only disadvantage is the monthly cost of the provider’s subscription and the relatively high purchase costs. Due to the varying prices, you can initially buy a cheap model for the test and try it out.

GPS for the truck

In commercial operations, GPS tracking of trucks and other vehicles in the fleet offers additional advantages. The company can not only determine the routes and direction of travel of the employees, but also the rest breaks and the logbook can be recorded and evaluated digitally in real time. Monitoring the vehicles in the fleet not only offers full transparency about usage, it can also help optimize the fleet and avoid empty trips because each truck can be called up in real time . In addition to vehicle monitoring with GPS, the safety of the driver and the load is guaranteed; this theft protection is particularly useful on long-distance journeys when the driver has to plan overnight stays. In terms of operation, this means additional monthly costs for subscription, devices and SIM cards, but the advantages clearly outweigh them. With the help of the right optimization through evaluated GPS data, costs in the company can be reduced and processes can be adjusted.


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