People tracking – everything you need to know

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Small children and older people require special protection and care. Usually a short moment is enough and they disappear from sight. It is impossible to keep an eye on playing children and people with dementia in particular around the clock. Children in particular want to discover and play undisturbed. If you want to have a clear conscience, you can use a GPS tracker to locate people if necessary . This way you can protect your loved ones even if you are not directly there.

GPS tracker for people with dementia

Unrestricted walks and excursions are not always safe for old people or people suffering from dementia. The relatives are also worried and cannot always accompany everything. Here, a GPS tracker ensures peace of mind and special protection. A small GPS transmitter that can be hung around the neck or carried on the body in the pockets of clothing is suitable for locating people . Bracelets are also possible; there are models that also function as a watch and can also be used to accept calls.

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GPS trackers use the well-known Global Positioning System; satellites orbit the earth and send the signal from the GPS device on the earth’s surface to the receiver. To get a clear signal, these tracking systems must read the signal from at least four satellites. A clear sky is also an advantage; the GPS signal for locating people becomes increasingly weaker in dense forests or inside buildings . Thanks to global coverage, real-time tracking abroad is also possible. However , when searching for a person inside buildings, the signal for locating is not always strong enough, depending on the thickness of the masonry, the windows and the positions of the satellites.

GPS tracker for children

Playing undisturbed in the garden or going on their first excursions is particularly important for kindergarten and school children and also promotes their own development. The first journeys are made alone, the way to a playmate or to school. So that parents have peace of mind and can act quickly in an emergency , a GPS tracker in the form of a watch can be used. These offer fun and games for the little ones in the family; for example, steps can be collected or activities can be tracked. Parents can use their smartphone to locate the child and track their child’s routes. With an integrated SOS button , it’s easy to call for help . In the event of an emergency, parents will then receive a corresponding message with the current location and can act immediately and make contact .

Features GPS tracker

In addition to locating people, various alarms and restrictions can also be set in the GPS tracker. For your own child or senior citizen, the restriction of your own property or garden is an advantage. The recipient receives a notification when someone crosses the boundary and a person moves freely outside the area. The SOS button offers quick help in an emergency situation and ensures security without constant personal surveillance, which creates freedom and privacy.

Use GPS to locate people

In order to track people or find out their location, it is important to correctly install the GPS tracker and software.

The GPS tracker sends its signal to the receiver, this transmission takes place via the SIM card , which is either integrated into the tracker or must be purchased separately. It is important that this has enough credit to easily provide the desired information .

How a GPS tracker protects people

If a person is in an emergency situation , the corresponding emergency button on the device can be pressed, ensuring quick help from relatives at the push of a button. A GPS tracker offers families freedom and protection in every situation.

need help 2021 09 24 03 02 07 utc 600x400 - People tracking - everything you need to know

Questions and answers about GPS

The areas of application of GPS are diverse and these positioning systems are new to many. The use now goes far beyond the classic navigation system in the car, it can support people in everyday life and ensure safety for seniors and their relatives by tracking people . Such technical solutions make everyday family life easier and provide a good overview.

The installation and setup

After purchasing a GPS transmitter, the software is set up and installed. Many providers provide an app for use, which can be installed on a cell phone or tablet . If you prefer to use it on a PC, you can use the online portal and register yourself and the GPS device there with an email address.

After setup, the settings in the respective category can be adjusted and alarms can be individualized, for example the boundaries and the radius.

Battery life of GPS trackers

With portable GPS trackers, the battery life must be taken into account; this depends on the device itself but also on the use and frequency of the alarms. If the tracker also functions as a watch, it naturally requires more energy to use it. The more often a person is located via the app, the faster the battery is exhausted. If it needs to be loaded, a message is sent to the cell phone, ensuring permanent transmission of the location data.

Advantages of tracking people using GPS

Using such a tracker to locate people offers everyone involved a worry-free everyday life and supports the search for people who are lost. Due to their size or use as a watch, they can be easily carried with you and provide additional security.

Find the right tracker

In order to find the best tracker in this area for your own project, an online comparison can help. Items are rated there based on performance, price and features. The support and customer service from the company that offers the product and the online portal also play a role. In this area you will definitely find something suitable for your own project.

Location for objects and vehicles

In addition to locating people, such GPS trackers also enable cars, bicycles and motorcycles to be located . A GPS product can basically be attached to anything, and they can be integrated into the app at the same time. This means the user always receives all whereabouts and details about their vehicles.

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