Geozone – What do geozones have to do with GPS?

Geozonen in der GPS-Technik

The term geozones are used to describe and classify different zones on the earth’s surface . In this case, a zone is a definable area of ​​certain natural phenomena. They are always arranged at the same latitudes, so the entire earth is full of comprehensive zones.

Climate zones are the cause of all geozones that extend in a belt around the earth. Their formation is due to the climatic conditions caused by different solar radiation. These landscape belts combine elements from soil science, geobotany, geomorphology and climatology and are projected onto a geozonal space. Within these boundaries there are earth spaces that differ from adjacent spaces in essential features .

Meaning and definition of geozones

Basically, the surface of the earth can be divided into various biological or ecological zones , climate zones, solar zones, biospheres or  vegetation zones  . In this case, the geozone is a general term that is described in more detail with other sub-terms.

Geozones in GPS technology


The climate zones mentioned describe the different climates that arise on earth. The main cause is the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays, which becomes increasingly weaker from the equator to the poles. With the help of so-called climate classifications , climatologists create detailed models.

Another branch of geozones includes other features that often play a role: water balance, soil, flora and fauna . The term landscape zone describes such zonal models of biogeography.

How the geozone works and what it is used for

Such geographical divisions have been made for several centuries; a zonal division of the earth is primarily used for research purposes and precise division for determination. At the beginning, the earth was divided into two zones, one temperate and one cold . The other geozones were able to be formed through centuries of research; geozonal differences have been spoken of since the 18th century, which are still being researched today. In addition, vegetation zones also emerged, these are separated according to the native plants, grasses and forests, which are tied to the same climatic conditions .

Geofences are also used in the commercial sector, for example, so users can find out information in real time when networked people or vehicles cross the border with a GPS tracker. In this case, corresponding notifications are sent to the user,

Geozones and GPS trackers

You can also create and use your own geozones, regardless of scientific requirements. The zonal distinctions between different areas support companies in many ways.

With the help of fleet management and telematics solutions, the use of drivers and vehicles in companies is made easier and can be made more efficient. In this case, geozones consist of freely chosen coordinates; this boundary is created by the manager using mapping software . A virtual fence offers advantages over a real fence; a real fence is not so easy to move and the boundary is permanent.

GPS security and geozones


The geographical data from the system can be used to identify the driver’s physical location in real time . To do this, it is necessary to equip the individual vehicles with a GPS tracker in advance . Here it is necessary to discuss everything with your employees and obtain their consent for virtual tracking .

Using the data collected, the company can adjust capacity utilization and optimize processes , which saves resources and protects the planet . In order to ensure smooth processes, the data obtained can be used to obtain important values ​​that enable optimization. In addition, a GPS tracker increases employee safety because the employee can always call for help and send their location at the same time.

Geozones are virtual fences or perimeters around an actual location. Here a separation is created between the position and the surrounding area. Unlike an actual fence, this one is able to register and report movements within the boundary . The size and area are absolutely variable and can be adjusted at any time; a pure line between two points is also possible. The creation takes place using mapping software, the fence consists of a series of coordinates.

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