Checking the chassis number – what is it useful for?

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The classic chassis number was replaced by the vehicle identification number in 1981. Until this year, a chassis number was placed on a plaque in the engine compartment to identify the car, but this did not protect against counterfeiting and was therefore replaced by the identification number , FIN or VIN for short.

Vehicle identification number

The vehicle identification number is the identity card of the vehicles , the abbreviation VIN stands for vehicle identification number , this describes the autodna and is used to decrypt information. The term identification number is much more appropriate than chassis number, since modern vehicles no longer have an actual chassis, but consist of self-supporting bodies.

Meaning of the identification number

The VIN number is assigned to a vehicle once and is used for identification. This 17-digit number contains some important information that is important when buying or selling. The 17-digit VIN number consists of three blocks and can be found in the vehicle registration document and on the car itself.

Composition of the VIN on the vehicle

The first three digits of the serial number consist of the world manufacturer code , which shows who built the car and where it was manufactured. Positions four to nine of the VIN contain information about the vehicle itself; they serve as a key for the engine and vehicle type, as well as the model and the corresponding series. The last digits depend on the vehicle manufacturer and contain different information; these details are available from the manufacturers and dealers of the car.

Why the VIN number is necessary

The vehicle identification number serves several purposes. On the one hand, this number can be used to find the owner of the car. This is particularly important if, for example, no documents can be found after an accident, so the owner can still be identified. In addition, it plays a role in connection with car thefts , allowing the exact identification of the stolen car and the owner. The chassis number makes it difficult to sell stolen vehicles.

Using the chassis number, vehicle workshops can access all relevant information about the car and the manufacturer. In addition, you will find relevant data and specifications about the history of the vehicle, necessary spare parts can be determined more quickly and the craftsmen can ensure timely and correct repairs to the car.

The chassis number is also required to register a car. It can also be important when buying a vehicle, as all important data about the car can be determined using this VIN number .

Find the chassis number on the car

The VIN number can always be found in the vehicle documents , in the registration certificate Part I and in the registration certificate Part II . In addition, the chassis number is stamped into the metal, even in several areas of the car. The code is often located in the trunk or engine compartment, as well as on the door frame, under the hood or on the dashboard. On the motorcycle , the number can be found on the fork and the steering head.

Check the chassis number when buying a used car

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Careful research is particularly important when buying used vehicles. The chassis number can be used to rule out whether the car is stolen. To do this, the number must be compared with all available documents.

In addition, the VIN number is stored in the car’s control unit, so theft can be quickly identified when read.

With the help of the VIN, an interested buyer on the used car market can check the entire history of the car in advance to be sure that the purchase price and condition of the car match. Work carried out and inspections are also recorded using this number and can therefore be accessed and viewed. The workshop also records the last mileage via the VIN, so the buyer can quickly identify any tampering with it. The VIN also shows the equipment of the vehicle that it received from the factory, as well as technical details about the car itself. This can support the decision when purchasing a vehicle and gives the customer security and information about the car .

If the vehicle is sold to a reputable dealer, the dealer can quickly read out all vehicle data using the VIN to determine the purchase price. During this check, a corresponding report is created, in which you will find the entire history of the vehicle , as well as information about repairs and damage.

Vehicle valuation with VIN

Anyone thinking about selling their vehicle needs some guidance on pricing in advance. There are many websites online that offer such a rating . After registering on the homepage, you can provide all relevant data about the model, vehicle history and vehicle information . The VIN is usually also asked here and after a quick check , the seller receives a detailed evaluation of the vehicle and can incorporate this into his selling price.

Check chassis number with online service

There are many providers on the Internet who, for a fee, will check the vehicle identification number and send a detailed report on the vehicle history by email. With the help of such a report, the owner receives a detailed list of the entire vehicle history and relevant vehicle information .

Security by checking the VIN

Checking the VIN protects both the buyer and the seller and avoids unpleasant surprises. The report with the VIN information provides information about the condition of the vehicle and complements the sales discussion in addition to the check booklet and the visual impression that the buyer receives. Such a report offers a cheap way to check the accuracy of the information provided without commissioning a special workshop to carry out a check.


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