Asset Tracking – What is it anyway?

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With the help of modern technology, companies can optimize processes and procedures , holistic solutions support everyday life, ensure efficient processing and promote the development of Industry 4.0 .

Importance of Asset Tracking

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Asset tracking describes a new and innovative technology that is used, among other things, in production and logistics companies to specifically control assets, i.e. operating resources.

This means that the management of the company can check at any time which goods are at which production step, which ensures the efficient use of operating resources . Thanks to this overview, all products can be tracked in real time, comprehensive control enables faster processing and favors automated production steps .

To implement this system, different technologies can be used, depending on the purpose . Tags with RFID, Ultra Wideband or Bluetooth Low Energy can be used inside closed rooms. Tracking via GPS is ideal for outdoor use. By networking these techniques, the accuracy is increased and the evaluation can be viewed immediately.

To implement such systems, various products are necessary that communicate with each other. In addition to the transmitters, stationary receivers are also required. The transmitters are attached to the objects so that the location can be precisely recorded for monitoring. The installed stations record the location of the placed assets with a sensor and forward this on a mobile basis.

All data that was determined in this way can be evaluated by management using analysis tools . This process not only enables production and logistics processes to be optimized , it also provides a quick overview and improves efficiency.

With the help of accurate tracking of location data and the location of assets, higher precision and utilization are possible, and bottlenecks of certain products are reduced through constant detection.

Asset tracking takes place in the associated software, which is provided by the manufacturer of the RFID tags for a fee. Depending on the location and industry, it can be used as a mobile app or stationary on a computer.

Use cases of asset tracking in logistics

textile warehouse storing materials 2021 08 29 00 49 18 utc 600x400 - Asset Tracking - What is that anyway?

Any equipment in a company is an asset that must be protected and monitored. The goal of economic companies is always to reduce costs and make production efficient and cost-effective; the use of tracking devices can help with this.

  • Navigation within buildings: GPS transmitters often reach their limits inside buildings; no signals are received due to thick walls. Important locations in the building can be networked and found more quickly using asset tracking . With the consent of everyone involved, all movements within the house can be recorded and tracked.
  • Use of asset tracking in care facilities : By using technical tools , operational processes can be improved, the costs of equipment and personnel can be reduced in the long term, and the workload for employees is also reduced through optimal utilization.
  • Asset tracking in construction : With the help of a comprehensive solution, the position of all assets is recorded, so the locations of important machines can be tracked, which saves time on large construction sites and increases the effective use of resources.
  • Optimization of warehouse and production through asset tracking: Since the location of assets can be determined at any time, it is possible to locate objects and control inventories. This means that machines and tools can be used optimally, and expensive goods can be protected from theft with assets .

Advantages of asset tracking

The use of networked systems makes everyday work easier and optimizes the use of assets. Within the associated apps, employers can manage and check the use of vehicles, tools and devices.

With the right software, additional data can be monitored, making it possible to keep an eye on the service life of the various operational devices . This information is helpful when technicians need to make appointments for maintenance or innovations.

All devices connected to the system can be assigned a fixed location; with the help of geofencing , the user can set up digital fences. As soon as this zone is left, the authorized person receives a corresponding message.

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