Why GPS trackers for school bags are so important

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Children should grow up to be independent personalities, but they also need protection. In order to find the balance here, GPS trackers for children offer a good opportunity to let them grow up independently. There is now also a large selection of these devices for children that can be quickly located and tracked. For example, you can use a GPS children’s watch in the form of a smartwatch for children ; they work like a kind of tracking device and can be used to monitor all routes and locations. Due to their small size, mini finders fit in every school bag and do not get in the way in everyday life.

Equip school bags with GPS transmitters

So if you want to upgrade your child’s backpack with the help of a GPS tracker for school bags , you can do so very easily. Purchasing and setting up a GPS tracker is easy without a lot of technical knowledge.

All important data can be found in the manufacturer’s information in the operating instructions and the device is ready for immediate use. All you need is the corresponding app on your cell phone. This is usually available for iOS and Android: it allows you to quickly set up the tracker and achieve the desired real-time location .

To use all functions, a SIM card is required. This forwards all determined data to the end device.

The user can set various alarms within the app; when triggered, the device informs the user in encrypted form via SMS or sends a notification in the app .

Due to the wide range of possible uses, such devices are not only suitable for pure tracking: the user is reliably notified as soon as a set value has been exceeded.

Setting up safety zones and other functions – GPS for children

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Thanks to the various alarms, so-called safety zones can be set up within the app ; these describe areas in which the child can move freely without an alarm being triggered. School mode is intended for time at school ; it limits the functions of the tracker to the bare essentials; it is in standby mode, so to speak.

Real-time location

With the help of the tracker, the parent can locate the child at any time , so you can always see where the child is currently located.

In real-time tracking, the GPS data updates automatically within a few seconds, so the child’s path can be followed every step of the way.

Listening function

In addition to the tracking itself, the adult can also access the child’s GPS tracker, so if the model allows it, he can turn on the device’s microphone and listen in or intervene in certain situations .

Telephone function

Depending on the tracker model, the devices can also function as a telephone, but the adult has full control and decides which telephone numbers are available on the tracker and can be dialed. This means parents have full control over their children’s calls. For example, parents can also decide that the child is only allowed to receive calls or only dial certain numbers.

Saving the paths

All information and waypoints, including the route to school , are saved on the provider’s server . From a certain age onwards, it makes sense and is important for children to go about their daily journeys alone; this creates restless hours for the family, especially in the early days. All routes can be viewed afterwards, so parents always know how their child got home.

Set radius

In addition to the secured zones, the user can also set a specific radius in the app , for example around their own property. If this is exceeded, the alarm is triggered . If the child leaves the house or property, the parents are informed immediately and can intervene in an emergency.


Geo fences are digital fences that can be created as desired and adjusted at any time. This allows the user to narrow down a specific area . If the child leaves or enters this area, the virtual fence crossing alarm will go off and a parent will be informed.

SOS function

In dangerous situations , children can request help independently by simply pressing the integrated SOS button . As soon as this button is pressed, a permanently saved contact receives a corresponding message as well as their current location. Depending on the model, it is also possible for this person to connect to the device via voice or video call to talk to the child.

Low battery message

Children’s GPS trackers are supplied with the necessary power via an integrated battery, which must be charged regularly. The frequency of charging is determined not only by the model itself, but also by usage behavior. If the battery life is running low, the user is informed in the app and can charge the device promptly. Some trackers promise up to seven days of battery life, but it should be noted that live tracking in particular puts a strain on the battery. There are also models with particularly long battery life, but these trackers usually last the most in standby mode.

Advantages and disadvantages of real-time tracking – frequently asked questions

Most people fear that GPS is too complicated for children , but it is easy to use. The market offers a large selection of different trackers, it is important to choose a model that is tailored to the age and development of the child . There are few disadvantages to using these gadgets for adults; the benefits outweigh the benefits.

Disadvantages and costs of GPS tracking of children

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In addition to the purchase costs, users must expect to pay a monthly fee. Most providers offer a subscription model, the cost is around five euros per month. This fee gives the user the opportunity to access all the data collected, which is stored for several weeks and is always available.

The SIM card also incurs costs because it sends all information to the device via the mobile network; depending on usage, an additional contract makes sense.

In order for the tracker to work, certain circumstances must be met. Since GPS devices work using satellite signals, it is important that the tracker is not in forests, mountains or buildings with thick walls. You also need good GPS reception; at least four satellites are necessary for the signals to be received. All of these circumstances are important for the location to be successful .

Advantages of GPS trackers for your own child

Despite the costs, the advantages outweigh the costs, because with the help of a tracker, parents can always keep an eye on their children. You no longer have to worry on the way home as you can monitor and track the child at any time. GPS systems offer families more security and freedom in stressful everyday life .

Further use

Many parents shy away from making such a purchase because they may no longer have any use for these devices when the child is old enough.

However, due to their size and weight, trackers can be used flexibly; they can also be easily attached to a pet or carried in the car.

It is possible to integrate several channels into the user account within the app so that the user has everything in view.

Find the ideal GPS tracker for your school bag

There are a few things to consider before buying , above all it is important that the chosen model suits the child, it can be a great opportunity for the little ones to familiarize themselves with modern technology. Therefore, when purchasing, adults should always make sure that everything fits and that the possible uses are sufficient.

If you are still unsure about the right choice, you can view the various customer reviews online to see which device particularly stood out on the best list . Important factors are always user-friendliness and battery life. If you are unsure between different models, you can compare products .

Stiftung Warentest regularly tests new devices and determines a comparison winner; these reports can be viewed online, for example the 2022 comparison for children’s GPS.

GPS devices are a good way to give your children more freedom and at the same time monitor all activities.

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