What do you need for starting school – checklist

Das wichtigste für den Schulstart

Before the first day of school, children and parents alike are excited, the children are facing a new phase in their lives and the time has finally come! Boys and girls look forward to the day, which is an important milestone in life and lays the foundation for learning, fun and new friendships. Most children between the ages of five and seven particularly look forward to this day; they get to meet new people and can learn at school. For many parents, at the beginning there are errands to start school, so that everything is perfect on the big day and the children have all the necessary things with them, but what do you need to  start school?

Tips for parents when first graders start school in 2023: What schoolchildren really need to start school

Before school starts, enrollment is just around the corner, school and parents plan the celebration in advance, the first graders are welcomed by teachers and get to know their classroom.

Gifts for the start of school are particularly popular. When they start school, every child receives a school bag for the start of school, which the parents fill at home with toys, school supplies or sweets. Before school starts, you should contact the office and ask for a list of materials . Many schools give parents a list in an envelope or by email that lists all the things they need. The start of school is usually decided 12 to 15 months in advance, so parents and children are not simply surprised by everyday school life. Most children don’t need as much as you initially think when they start school , so it makes sense to find out early enough.

The most important thing for starting school

School supplies for those starting school: a checklist for starting school

Many primary schools often give parents a list in advance so that they are well organized and can get the necessary school supplies. The school enrollment checklist includes all the things that need to be purchased. The school cone can also be filled with a few utensils to surprise the child when they start school. However, the exact procedure varies from school to school ; in some cases the parents don’t have to worry about anything because the school provides the materials and copies the relevant documents.

Back to school checklist: school materials for the start of school

To avoid confusion, all work materials should bear the child’s name; stickers are suitable for this. These can easily be stuck into notebooks and books so that everyone immediately knows who the documents belong to.

The list of school books contains all the necessary books that you need to purchase before the school year, and the children also need a suitable exercise book for taking notes. The pencil case contains all writing utensils, such as erasers and colored pencils, sharpeners, pens, a ruler, pencil and wooden colored pencils . Wooden colored pencils are preferable to the usual fiber pens. The pencil case can be securely closed and stored in a satchel.

Lunch box and drinking bottle for breaks at school

Energy and nerve nourishment are important: Children have to concentrate and they are still growing. What you absolutely need are a  drinking bottle and a filled lunch box . The drinking bottle is ideally made of plastic, which makes it light and robust; the polypropylene plastic does not contain any plasticizers and is BPA-free.

A checklist for the first day of school

Home equipment: desk and chair

Children do not need their own workspace straight away; the kitchen table can also be used for homework and exercises for a certain period of time. But over time, schoolchildren need a place where they can learn and concentrate undisturbed . The desk and chair should be suitable for the child and must match the size. There is also furniture that “grows with you”, these are height-adjustable and can be used for longer.

The right school bag

From the first day of school, the child needs a school bag; you can’t buy just any school bag here . Not all backpacks are the same: there are big differences. When buying, you have to take the size and weight into account. It’s best to go together with your child and take your time to choose a suitable model .

Once you have found the right school bag, it is worth comparing prices or purchasing a whole bag set. This includes all important components, sports bags and pencil cases are included and color coordinated with the motif of the satchel.

Clothing for sports and everyday life as a school child

School children’s equipment also includes a rain jacket or a rain poncho and a gym bag with sports equipment . Depending on the school, slippers may also be required for school. If slippers are necessary for school, you can take them with you in your sports bag or simply leave them at school. Depending on the school , children’s slippers may be required; it is important that the soles are non-slip and waterproof .

Shopping list for school beginners

When it comes to sneakers, parents not only have to choose the right size, they also have to be easy to open and close. When buying sportswear, you should buy both short and long sportswear to be prepared for all weather conditions. As the child grows and needs larger shoes, the volume of the bag may no longer be sufficient and a sports bag may have to be purchased. In some schools there are swimming lessons for children, so a swimsuit or swimming trunks are a must.

Important milestone in life Safety on the way to school

For many students, independence begins when they start school, because mom and dad aren’t there every step of the way. Depending on where they live and the location of the school, first graders get to school by bus or on foot. When it comes to walking to school or the bus stop, it makes sense for parents to practice this route with the child so that they can set off alone or with friends. Reflectors are suitable as support in dark seasons , so that the little ones can be easily seen by drivers. You can attach this to your backpack or simply hang it around your neck . For more security and a clear conscience, parents can  store a GPS child tracker in their school bag, which they can locate with their smartphone. It does not disturb the children in everyday life, is light, small and enables the school child to be located precisely at any time . Trackers offer parents real-time tracking of the route to school and they know for sure that the little ones have arrived safely.

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