Sledding with Children – What to Pay Attention to!

Schlittenfahren mit Kindern

As soon as temperatures drop and the first snow announces its arrival, all children look forward to being able to hit the slopes with their sleds again. Because this type of winter sport is only possible under certain conditions, when the time comes, one should make the most of it.

Usually, between 5 and 10 centimeters of snow are enough to go sledding with children. From temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius, the snow also stays and provides excellent conditions for tobogganing.

Sledding with small children may sound harmless at first, but there are also some things to consider to avoid accidents. According to a study by the Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (Austrian Road Safety Board), collisions with trees or lift poles are among the most common reasons for sled riders getting injured.

In winter, many families head to ski resorts with large slopes or toboggan runs. Skiing with children is also popular among many people, and there are regularly offered courses to introduce kids to various winter sports, so there is a suitable sport for everyone.

Sledding is the simplest form of winter sports, as it can be done with children without much equipment or extensive training. Minimal preparation is required here. The ADAC recommends not letting children under seven years old go sledding alone, but snowball fights are allowed at any age.

Sledding with children


Winter Fun with Kids

Before starting the ride, it is essential to check the sled. Ideally, it should have a TÜV seal and a GS mark. In this case, a crash test has been conducted with the vehicle, and it is considered tested.

Adults always have the responsibility for their children, so it makes sense to let the children go sledding only where they are clearly visible. Before the descent, parents must ensure the reliable safety of their little ones. A helmet is essential, as it can prevent serious head injuries. Also, weatherproof snow clothing and non-slip shoes are important for the kids to move safely.

For beginners, there are usually special sections on the toboggan run that can be safely ridden. If the snow is frozen, caution should be exercised, as the sled slides much faster on ice, and control can be lost momentarily. The track becomes uncontrollable, braking distances are longer, and collisions are difficult to avoid.

In general, sledding on ski slopes is prohibited as it can lead to severe accidents. Tobogganists have their own specially prepared tracks suitable for sleds, and the sled runners must be well-maintained and sharpened.

Tips for Tobogganing with Small Children on the Toboggan Run

Families have various options for a winter outing. If skiers want to participate, a ski resort, such as one in Tyrol, is suitable. There are extensive facilities and toboggan runs with lifts. Gondolas or chairlifts are not uncommon on long toboggan runs, making it easy for toboggan riders to return to the top of the slope.

However, if you just want to have some fun with the kids, you can also go to a small meadow nearby for sledding. In this environment, you can practice without any problems because before the first ride, the kids must be confident in handling the sled, steering it reliably, and being able to stop it. Turning and braking correctly play a crucial role and ensure more safety. To give it a try, you can also rent a racing sled and use it on the toboggan run.

If the track is nearby, there is no need for an expensive hotel; free parking in a hiking parking lot saves additional costs. After a day in the snow, you can also stop by a nearby restaurant.

A Safe Helmet and the Right Clothing – Valuable Tips for Tobogganing with Children

All parents want to ensure safe sledding fun for their kids while providing maximum enjoyment. If the children are still too small, you can simply pull them through the winter forest on a sled with a backrest instead of letting them sled alone.

Sledding with children

Winter sports accidents often end fatally because temperatures, weather conditions, and even the snow itself are quickly underestimated. With the right equipment and a high-quality helmet, you are much better protected in case of an accident. In general, children are only allowed to sled alone when they can confidently handle the sled while sledding and can control it reliably. For most kids, this is only possible from school age. To keep an eye on every family member, eye-catching helmets or colorful clothing complemented by reflectors are suitable.

Kids are fast, and rarely do you have the chance to keep them in sight every second. For these situations, little ones can wear a GPS tracker on their clothing, also known as a children’s GPS tracker. GPS devices offer many advantages for parents and children. Due to their lightweight design, they hardly cause any inconvenience. GPS gadgets allow very precise tracking, achieved through satellite signals sent and received at regular intervals. To use a GPS tracker, you only need to connect it to your smartphone and download the provider’s app. Then you have the ability to track the tracker’s position in real-time. This is a great solution when you briefly lose sight of the little ones or when the kids want to play alone.

Additionally, within the app on the smartphone, you can virtually enclose specific areas and receive an immediate notification if the child leaves that area. If, despite all precautions, the kids get into an emergency situation, the SOS button on the tracker itself can help by sending a message to the parents, who can then quickly go to the location.

Sledding for Young and Old – Why Sledding Often Enthusiasts People of All Ages

So, if you’re still looking for ideas to plan your next winter vacation, consider checking out popular or nearby toboggan runs. In many areas, there are also areas that can be used year-round, such as in Tyrol. If you don’t have a large budget, you can plan a small outing near your home and turn it into a day trip for a fun experience. Sledding is also a great activity for snowy weekends at home. Such a trip is always a great experience for skiing and sledding enthusiasts and for the whole family.

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