Motorhome theft – how can you take action against it?

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Vacationing with a motorhome is very popular, whether in Germany or Europe; many people like to travel individually and on their own. What offers more flexibility than your own caravan that you can design and furnish as you wish? But thieves also have their eye on motorhomes, and the high demand for such vehicles is particularly responsible for the increasing number of reported thefts.

Many thieves give up after just a few minutes. If the vehicle is not easy to move or enter, this can increase theft protection . Long-term campers are at a particularly high risk; they often park their cars and leave them, even in winter. Vehicles that are left unattended for a long period of time quickly become victims of thieves.

There are a few things you can do as an owner to protect your caravan in the best possible way; small details, tips and tricks can protect the vehicle better. However, all measures are never 100% protection.

Anti-theft device for caravans

By taking certain precautions or additional security measures, the protection against theft of the motorhome can be significantly increased. With the help of small steps or additional gadgets, you can make it as difficult as possible for thieves and deter them.

Behavioral tips for protection

The motorhome should not be left unattended for too long or parked carelessly. A parking space in a busy area is always a good choice. Thefts on busy campsites occur much less frequently than on the open road.

Before parking, all windows and doors must be locked; it is important to ensure that no valuables , important documents or money are placed in an obvious way, as this attracts thieves. If certain valuables cannot be taken with you, they should at least be hidden in the vehicle. If you place particular value on the security of your possessions in your motorhome, you can use a safe. Many motorhomes already have a safe when they are purchased, but with a little effort this can easily be retrofitted yourself or installed by a specialist.

With a radio lock, care must be taken to trigger the familiar visual or acoustic signal for locking. Some vehicle thieves work with so-called radio blockers, which interrupt the signal and prevent locking. This method is also known as a replay attack and is one of the common scams used when stealing motorhomes.

Mechanical fuses

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Some fuses are already installed on the vehicle at the factory and should be used at all times. For example, the steering wheel lock, which is included when purchasing new models and can be easily activated after parking, so thieves cannot move the steering wheel and theft can be prevented. A parking or wheel clamp can also be attached in just a few simple steps. This tire clamp is mounted on the wheels and locked; the device made of solid steel has a locking cylinder. The wheel claw must be removed before continuing your journey , otherwise damage may occur.

Members of thieves’ gangs prefer easy targets. If a vehicle obviously already has an anti-theft device , they usually do not try to steal the caravan or motorhome. If a break-in or theft takes too much time, the risk of being discovered increases, so obvious security measures act as a deterrent.

Locks for caravans

In addition to the integrated lock, a drawbar lock can be subsequently attached; this can be locked with a bolt, a combination lock or a cylinder.

Plug lock

A plug lock is inserted through the vehicle’s trailer hitch and prevents it from being hitched to the caravan. Because coupling is no longer possible, the car is difficult to steal.


The two-part U-lock can be used to additionally secure the motorhome door. It looks similar to the well-known padlock, but the actual locking body is significantly larger.

Box lock

box lock consists of a solid metal box that encloses the coupling mouth and prevents unauthorized theft of the caravan.

Technical fuses

The market also offers a lot of technical support on the subject of caravans and motorhomes ; sophisticated security systems can also be retrofitted to the vehicle and increase theft protection.

However, the owner should not rely exclusively on a single measure; a good combination of different measures , such as a drawbar lock and alarm system, offers the best protection for the caravan and leaves criminals few chances.

Alarm systems

To increase burglary protection , alarm systems can also be installed on the mobile home, similar to those in a residential building. Travelers in particular who spend most of their vacation in their vehicle will find themselves comfortable and homely. With the help of an alarm system, the expensive equipment of the car can be better protected. The shrill acoustic signal that sounds when a break-in occurs is a particular deterrent to many thieves. There is something to suit every budget; some variants can also be equipped with sensors, which then also secure the doors and windows.


The GPS satellite system is no longer just used in the car navigation system : it is becoming more and more popular in everyday life and is now available on every cell phone. A GPS tracker for caravans offers many more functions and can protect the caravan from break-ins .

In addition to using it as a navigation device in a car or caravan, different alarm functions can be set up and activated and adjusted as desired, depending on the model and provider.

GPS tracker alarm functions

To use the tracker, you also need another device to which the alarms are forwarded, this is usually a smartphone. The GPS tracker can then be integrated and activated in the provider’s associated app . The alarm functions can then be easily managed and created in the app.

When an alarm is triggered, the user receives corresponding messages every time and can take action. These notifications can be sent as push messages or emails , which are also easy to set and constantly adapt.

With the help of so-called “geofencing” a desired area can be limited. If the vehicle leaves this area, the alarm will be triggered. This function is particularly useful when the car is parked for a long period of time .

The “shake alarm” alerts the owner if the caravan and GPS tracker are moved, this may indicate theft and unauthorized removal of the tracker.

The SOS button can be found on every tracker; a desired emergency contact can be stored here. When this is pressed, the contact receives all important details, such as location and time , so they can rush for help or dial the emergency number . The function not only serves as an anti-theft device, it is also helpful in the event of robberies or breakdowns .

In case of theft

Some break-ins and thefts cannot be prevented despite the greatest caution. In this case, it is important to inform the police immediately and file a report. If the caravan is equipped with a GPS device to prevent theft , the location can be accessed via the app if the burglars have not discovered and removed it. Most thieves are aware of these security measures and know the common hiding places, so the device should be placed particularly concealed.

Insurance for caravans

Vehicle thefts, theft of trailers, valuables and accessories related to the camper are attractive to thieves. Anyone who parks their caravan at a campsite has already taken the first step towards good anti-theft protection. But even despite comprehensive protective measures and a variety of deterrent products, there is still a chance that criminals will succeed in stealing the caravan . After reporting to the police, the responsible insurance company must be informed immediately; this can be done in advance before you receive a copy of the report. Household contents insurance already pays if items are stolen from the locked camper, so no additional insurance is necessary. However, this is worth it if you travel frequently with your caravan.

Anti-theft protection for motorhomes – conclusion

More and more people are excited about camping in their own country or around the world ; they enjoy the freedom and flexibility. The itinerary can always be adjusted, and spontaneous stopovers are also possible. Anyone who has invested a lot of money in their motorhome and its equipment wants to reliably protect their property and be safe. The best anti-theft protection in a motorhome offers a sensible combination of different measures.

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