Motorcycle theft protection – what can you do?

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Motorcycle theft protection

Motorcycles are particularly popular with thieves ; they are easier to steal than cars and, depending on the model and value, can be resold at a good price. With the right anti-theft measures, you can protect your motorcycle from thieves and find it quickly if it is stolen.

Protect motorcycles from theft

But even if the motorcycle is locked and secured, it can be stolen; some thieves do not bother to open existing locks, but instead load the motorcycle directly onto a transport. Ideally, the owner uses a combination of multiple backups to exhaust all resources.

Manual locks to protect against theft

Manual locks can be used to protect the motorcycle when it is parked and unattended for a short period of time. If the owner uses a combination of several measures, he is well protected. It is not enough to just lock the motorcycle with the key; further precautions must be taken to protect the motorcycle as best as possible .

Armored chain and armored cable lock

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Locks for motorcycle theft protection can be purchased in any specialty store or hardware store, and many online shops also offer a large selection. Armored cable locks are made of thin steel cables and are encased in a hardened steel capsule. Such a chain is opened with a combination lock, which makes it easy for the user to use, but such locks can be cut with bolt cutters, but they can still be used as an addition.

Curb chain locks, on the other hand, are made significantly thicker; the individual links are made of solid steel and are coated to protect against scratches. A combination lock or padlock is used to lock them; they can be attached flexibly and securely, but depending on their size they are very heavy and are therefore not very easy to handle.

Brake disc lock

The motorcycle lock is used to lock the brake disc; by attaching it, this motorcycle theft protection offers a small attack surface that cannot be worked on with a saw. The motorcycle cannot be pushed away after activation, but light machines in particular can still be carried away despite the brake disc lock . Some brake disc locks also work with an acoustic signal; this alarm loudly indicates an attempted theft . Due to its small size and low weight, the brake disc lock can be easily transported; it must be released before driving, otherwise it will massively damage the machine’s brake system.

Immobilizer and steering wheel lock

With a lock using the steering wheel lock , the motorcycle can only be moved to the left; the front wheel is aligned to the left before the lock engages, this prevents it from driving away. This lock can only be released using the actual key. The electronic immobilizer, on the other hand, generally prevents the bike from starting. It is already installed in most models and can easily be retrofitted if this is not the case. These two measures, the immobilizer and the steering wheel lock, must always be activated to protect against motorcycle theft when the motorcycle is parked, otherwise the insurance will not pay compensation in the event of theft.


Although U-shaped U-locks are rigid and inflexible, they are very robust and protect the motorcycle from theft. The thick metal bracket is secured with a lock, which can be opened using a numerical code or an additional key . It offers little attack surface for potential motorcycle thieves ; it can only be opened with heavy equipment.

Technical fuses

The manual measures to protect against motorcycle theft can also be combined with technical ones; locks with an acoustic signal or retrofitted alarm systems offer double protection for the vehicle .

Alarm system

A motorcycle lock can also be purchased with an alarm system already installed to protect against theft . If this is not the case, a motorcycle alarm system can be combined separately to increase motorcycle theft protection. Many of these alarm systems work with a microwave sensor, which is triggered when someone approaches the machine, so these anti-theft devices for motorcycles should only be used in your own garage and not in public parking spaces.

Locks with an acoustic signal

Curb chain and cable locks for motorcycles can also be purchased with an acoustic signal; these are triggered if someone tries to open the lock without authorization. Other models of motorcycles, for example, trigger if the combination is entered incorrectly a few times, then a corresponding alarm sounds , alerting the owner to the thief .

GPS tracker for theft protection

The different types of locks protect the bike from motorcycle theft , but thieves are also equipped here and often know tips and tricks on how they can still steal the stolen goods . A good combination of different measures offers the best motorcycle theft protection . In addition , a GPS device should always be used to protect against theft . These are small GPS trackers that are attached to the bike itself and can always be tracked.

Motorcycle theft protection with GPS tracking

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GPS trackers for motorcycles serve as receiving devices; they receive the global satellite signal from the GPS system. Using these signals, the tracker and the associated app can calculate where the motorcycle is and at what speed it is moving.

Such a GPS tracker can be attached to or integrated into the motorcycle, which also depends on the tracker’s power supply . Some models can be directly connected to the motorcycle’s power supply and can therefore be permanently installed; retrofitting in a workshop is also possible at any time. Other GPS receivers use an integrated battery and can be placed anywhere; they require regular charging in order to constantly send the necessary data.

The device sends the received data to the paired smartphone or tablet, this happens via the cellular network , so a SIM card is essential for the function.

Notifications via app and email

After the tracker has been attached to the vehicle and the associated app has been installed, the setup can begin. Here it must be ensured that the SIM card has sufficient credit and the device’s battery is charged.

The tracker can now be set up in the associated app on your cell phone or in the online portal on your PC. There is a selection of alarms that can alert the owner to criminal activity and catch thieves.

  • Power interruption alarm: If permanently connected devices are removed from the power supply, this can indicate thieves; the user receives a corresponding message on their smartphone and can act quickly.
  • Geofencing: The geofencing function can be used to limit certain areas for security, for example your own property or garage. Leaving or entering this boundary will trigger the alarm .
  • Motion alarm: If the bike starts moving and is started, a corresponding message appears in the app and the alarm is triggered.
  • Live tracking: In live tracking mode, the GPS tracker offers updates every second about the current position of the motorcycle, which is particularly helpful in the event of theft. If the motorcycle is stolen , the police must be informed immediately and a report filed. The officers then put the motorcycle on a wanted list; the real-time location can be helpful in the search.
  • Additional functions: In addition to the alarm functions and the location option to protect against motorcycle theft, these items can also be used for other purposes. Routes traveled can be viewed and evaluated retrospectively, and the speed traveled can also be determined. Such systems can not only be used on motorcycles to protect against theft, they can also be attached to e-bikes, cars, bicycles or in your handbag for your own safety.
  • These products always offer an emergency button for your own safety , on which a permanent emergency contact is stored. If this alarm is triggered, the saved contact receives an immediate message with the current location of the machine .
  • Several trackers can also be combined in the app for these systems , so anyone who also networks their cars or e-bikes always has an overview of all vehicles and their location. Each machine’s notifications can be sent via push notification or email, depending on personal preference.

For ideal motorcycle theft protection, several products should always be combined, as each measure has its weak points. Theft cannot always be avoided , but trackers offer the possibility of tracking and even locating the motorcycle afterwards. Due to the large number of alarms, motorcycle theft can often be prevented if the owner reacts quickly. Anyone who owns a high-quality motorcycle should not skimp on the price of adequate motorcycle theft protection .

The additional use of different locks increases theft protection, as thieves need more time to steal the motorcycles, and acoustic signals from an alarm system also have a deterrent effect.


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