Lost Flight Baggage – Lost or delayed baggage?

Koffer Track für verlorenes Fluggepäck

Shortly before the start of the package tour, not much can happen to the holidaymaker. Most people are looking forward to the long-awaited trip and have carefully planned how the vacation should go. In the worst case scenario, the flight may be delayed or luggage may be lost at the airport or during the trip. If this happens, it is a catastrophe for the holiday trip because the holidaymaker lacks clothing and hygiene products . We briefly explain what you should consider in this situation if your luggage is lost on the flight and how best to deal with it.

Lost luggage: the first steps when dealing with a lost suitcase

As soon as you notice at the airport that your suitcase has arrived late or not at all, you should report this to the airline; for package tours, the organizer is the correct contact person. The passenger must keep all receipts that the passenger receives from the airline during the reporting process. In addition, the passenger should report the missing luggage online. You must report damaged luggage to the airline in writing within days and state that the suitcase is defective .

Who is liable if luggage is lost or if the suitcase is damaged?

If your suitcase arrives late, you should check your rights, as you will then be entitled to compensation. Travelers must report this incident to the airline or tour operator within 21 days . First you have to fill out the so-called property irregularity report, or PIR for short, at the counter and keep the copy and the boarding pass. These documents secure the right to reimbursement and protect the claim.

Compensation for baggage delays and when you are entitled to compensation

In principle, those responsible must reimburse the costs if a piece of luggage is lost . Even if the suitcase is damaged during transport, holidaymakers are entitled to compensation.

After reporting, you have to be patient because the suitcase can still show up. If the luggage is still missing after 21 days at the latest, it is officially considered lost. If the suitcase appears again before this time, it is considered delayed and only then is it considered lost.

locate lost luggage

If you land at your holiday destination without luggage , you are allowed to make replacement purchases, including anything you need in the first day or two, such as toiletries or underwear. When purchasing, you must also keep the receipts ; the airline will reimburse the costs.

Piece of luggage appears again

If the luggage turns up again, the tour operator must ensure that it arrives at the holiday destination . If the traveler pays the fees, he or she can charge the airline the costs and have them reimbursed. If the luggage arrives late, the suitcase will be brought directly to the accommodation.

In principle, problems with luggage must be reported as quickly as possible. This way you have proof if your luggage arrives late or damaged .

The piece of luggage disappears completely, the flight luggage was lost – you are entitled to compensation

After the deadline has expired, the luggage is considered permanently missing , in which case the person responsible must pay compensation.

The amount of compensation is calculated based on the current value of the missing items, but there is also a limit here, so the maximum compensation is 1,385 euros per person. The legal basis for liability issues in international and civil aviation is the so-called  Montreal Convention . If the packages are missing for the entire vacation, the traveler can request a reduction in the travel price by around 50 percent.

Avoid delayed or lost luggage

In order to avoid the hassle, vacationers can take measures in advance so that the emergency does not affect them directly and, in the worst case, ruin their vacation. When booking the trip, special insurance is usually offered to provide additional protection. These luggage insurance policies are generally a good idea, but do not always make sense because the tour operator or airline is liable if luggage is lost . Holidaymakers have air passenger rights even without insurance. If luggage is lost on Lufthansa, holidaymakers are entitled to compensation.

Suitcase track for lost luggage


Stow important things in your hand luggage

Valuable items and a set of spare clothes should always be carried in your hand luggage so that you are not necessarily dependent on your actual carry-on luggage. In an emergency, you can bridge a few days and still enjoy your vacation. Medicines should also always be carried in hand luggage and not in checked luggage, so that you are always taken care of in every situation.

Everything at a glance with a GPS tracker

If you want to make sure that your suitcase and its contents definitely arrive at your destination, you can put a small GPS tracker in your luggage . This means holidaymakers always have an overview of what is happening with their delayed luggage and approximately when it will arrive. If the suitcase is lost, you can check where it is on your smartphone and have a rough idea of ​​when the suitcase will arrive .

Before you start your journey, all you have to do is buy a small GPS tracker. These are available in different versions. Depending on the airline, you should check in advance which models are permitted. Devices that transmit sound or images are generally prohibited. GPS trackers for pure tracking are usually not a problem. After the device has been delivered, the tracker only needs to be set up and connected to the smartphone .

To do this, the mini tracker is first charged; the required charging cable is included in the scope of delivery. A SIM card is then required; this is often included when you purchase it, otherwise you can purchase it later and insert it. An app is essential for setting up and controlling the device ; the provider makes this available in the store. After commissioning, the gadget can be set up. To do this, the user only needs a working email address with which to register with the provider, after which the suitcase tracker is connected to the app and you can always keep an eye on it. In addition, various settings can be made in the app to increase the protection of your belongings .

Locate airline baggage


In live tracking , you can keep an eye on the tracker at all times; the position and every movement is registered in real time and reflected in the app. This means the user can always see where their luggage is. Once you have arrived at your destination, you have the option of activating additional alarm functions ; for example, the motion alarm ensures immediate notification if someone tampers with your luggage and removes it without authorization. The same applies to the vibration alarm, which notifies the user immediately if the tracker is moved or removed from the luggage. In the event that your luggage is lost on the flight , you can keep an eye on it at all times and determine its position .

After the trip, the GPS tracker can also be used for other purposes; it is ideal for tracking and protecting your own car. Depending on the size, you can also attach the device to your own pets and track them. GPS devices can be used in a variety of ways and make the user’s everyday life easier.

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