How can you save fuel?

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High fuel prices and the issue of environmental protection are leading to a rethink when it comes to cars. Many people try to avoid unnecessary journeys and want to use less fuel. Depending on the situation, this is not enough and many ask themselves the question: how can they save fuel? Most people who own a car rely on using it to get to work or attend important appointments. Therefore, switching to public transport or cycling is often not an option. In addition to avoiding unnecessary trips, you can also use a few tips and tricks to keep consumption low and save fuel .

Fuel-saving driving

You can save a lot of fuel by driving economically and correctly ; the most important rule here is that a low speed means low consumption. After starting off, the gear should be increased as quickly as possible to save fuel and drive at low speeds .

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Additionally, a consistent speed helps save fuel, which means that sudden braking and unnecessary acceleration should be avoided. If you keep the speed of the vehicle constant, you will use as little fuel as possible. When braking the vehicle, you should first take your foot off the accelerator pedal so that the engine brake can take effect first before the actual brake is applied. In the event of braking , this should be done gently; a late downshift to a lower gear supports economical driving and helps save fuel.

Save fuel – other options

To reduce fuel consumption and costs, further measures can be taken on the vehicle itself.

Loading the vehicle

In order to save money in the long term, it makes sense to only load the vehicle with the bare essentials. Fuel consumption decreases when the trunk does not contain any unnecessary weight .

Avoid roof structures

Roof racks or ski holders that are not in use can also be dismantled and stored elsewhere. These ensure increased air resistance when driving the car, which requires higher performance and consumes more fuel .

Check tire pressure regularly

The pressure of the tires should be checked and adjusted at regular intervals; the manufacturers provide the appropriate information about the correct tire pressure . Fuel consumption increases significantly when air pressure is too low as rolling resistance increases, so engine power must be increased to move the car.

If the tire pressure is too high, it also has a negative effect on fuel consumption . If the tires are inflated more and have too much pressure, then the resistance decreases and the fuel consumption also increases.

If you are unsure and do not know the correct tire pressure, you can ask the tire manufacturer or your workshop.

All of these measures, in conjunction with a GPS tracker in the vehicle, can ensure low fuel consumption. The tracker is carried in the car so that the routes and speeds traveled can be evaluated afterwards. With the help of this overview, you can also optimize your own driving behavior.

Switch off the engine

In addition to maintaining the correct tire pressure and driving ahead, drivers can do even more if they want to save fuel. The engine should also be switched off during short stops; cars need some fuel even when idling , this can easily be saved.

Inspection and Maintenance

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Regular vehicle maintenance costs money, but it also helps you save money. During the annual inspection of the car, defects can be discovered before they cause major damage, and wearing parts, such as air filters, are also replaced as part of the contract. Using the air conditioning requires a certain amount of fuel. If the air filters are in poor condition, the car requires significantly more fuel and the engine performance drops. If the air conditioning is not urgently needed while driving, it should be switched off.

Conclusion – how can you save fuel?

Depending on the area in which you live and your personal circumstances, driving a car is often unavoidable. People who still regularly ask themselves: “ how can you save fuel?” ” will surely find one or more suitable points that can be easily implemented in everyday life, so you can save money and fuel .

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