GPS tracker for emergency services and ambulances

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After the alarm has been received in the control center, speed is the order of the day; emergency services, ambulances and security services have a wide range of tasks. If the emergency services are missing important information, unnecessary time is wasted. The staff must get to the patient as quickly as possible in order to provide them with comprehensive care and deliver them to a hospital in a timely manner. Because every second counts, personnel need specific data immediately to locate the emergency and minimize risks . A vehicle tracking system comprehensively supports emergency services and fire departments in their work and enables greater safety.

GPS devices can be used sensibly in the emergency services, by the police and also for paramedics .

How GPS works for ambulances

Telematics systems are a good solution for reducing long distances and optimizing work. Using precise location in real time, they determine which vehicles are close to the scene of the accident and whether the driver and vehicle are helpful in the incident. In addition, the device evaluates the possible route and finds out how to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

This is possible using GPS; a GPS device is required in the respective vehicle to ensure monitoring. The ambulance is thus networked with the headquarters and enables smooth collaboration. The positions of the individual vehicles are calculated and passed on. This works with the help of signals that the GPS system’s satellites send at regular intervals. The GPS tracker receives this and forwards it to the associated app or software .

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This means that the headquarters knows exactly which vehicles in the fleet are traveling in which area. Through this tracking, the operation can be delegated to the nearest ambulance . Because the operations management can track the vehicles, empty runs can be avoided . The journeys of the individual cars are easier to coordinate and enable prompt action.

GPS trackers save you detours and make it easier to react quickly

Depending on the model and software, the necessary components are housed in the vehicle; modern emergency vehicles or the police have modern cars in which all the required parts are already installed in the car. This means the driver always has a good overview and can better assess how he is acting and what speed is required. Thanks to the clear display, the driver can immediately see how he has to drive in order to get to the scene of the accident immediately. Some systems allow a direct connection to the control center, so the driver can also make a call to the manager if something is unclear.

GPS tracking makes it possible to transfer all important information and the manager can immediately assign a suitable vehicle.

Why using GPS in ambulances makes sense

The additional functions of the GPS device allow important data to be recorded at any time, which the department can use for other purposes.

Generating reports through GPS

Due to strict controls and a strict obligation to provide evidence, writing reports is essential. However, the effort involved in documentation can be drastically reduced using a GPS device . The device reliably saves all tours and transfers them to the linked system. It not only shows the routes traveled, but also the speed traveled and the duration of the respective operation . Depending on the program and tracker model, the user can export this information as an Excel list or as a PDF. This makes the paramedics’ work easier in the long term and provides reliable information about the driver’s work and behavior.

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Digital logbooks using GPS trackers

Depending on the business, it is mandatory that a complete logbook is kept. In some professions, all of the bureaucratic measures can quickly go beyond the scope and make work even more difficult. The GPS device can also help in this area and optimize work processes. A manual book is linked to the conditions of the tax office; it must be filled out truthfully and promptly. For each incident, the driver must enter the mileage, the names of those involved and the location, which applies to the start and end. The GPS device reliably determines almost all of this data, so it can make sense to use a digital book. This saves the specialists time-consuming bookkeeping and allows them to focus on the essentials.

Cost reduction and optimization

GPS systems not only offer the user a good overview , they also help save money and sustainably reduce the company’s costs. With good route planning, fuel costs can be limited, and the same applies to wear and tear on the vehicles . However, depending on the model and software, the use of GPS entails additional costs; management must weigh this up. The device can easily remain in the car for up to 3 months or longer when firmly connected to the vehicle battery. Manual charging is not necessary for these devices; they are reliably supplied with the necessary power. This ensures constant recording of all tours . 

In addition, further settings can be made in the app by the admin; he can set individual parameters . For example, the user receives notifications when one of the cars approaches the control center or leaves the yard.

Due to the reduced bureaucratic effort, users benefit from falling costs and relief for employees , and relevant entries cannot be forgotten in the hectic everyday work routine.

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