Find GPS tracker car – What do you have to pay attention to?

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Secretly observing people using a GPS tracker is an illegal act. Nobody is allowed to create digital movement profiles of others unnoticed. But it’s not just life partners or company employees who fall victim to such acts; criminals also make use of GPS technology and bug vehicles to monitor and obtain information.

Use GPS transmitter

Basically, GPS trackers offer the user many advantages; they can be used inside the vehicle or on valuables for tracking . GPS trackers or GPS loggers are also a sensible purchase for athletes or hikers ; they reliably record every route taken and send it to the connected smartphone.

How GPS trackers for cars work

GPS trackers can be used to determine positions at any time . This is made possible by satellite signals, which are sent out at regular intervals and received worldwide. Using these signals, the GPS transmitter can calculate the current position and speed of the tracker and pass it on to a device.

This device can be a smartphone, tablet or even a computer with the appropriate software. All collected GPS data is processed and visualized; depending on the provider, this information remains on the server for a longer period of time so that it can always be accessed.

Set up GPS transmitter for the car

There are many models to choose from when it comes to GPS trackers for cars . Basically, they differ in the power supply; some trackers are permanently connected to a power source, for example within the vehicle, others use a battery and require regular charging.

The use of a GSM SIM card is essential ; this is used to transmit the data to the end device, for example to the mobile phone app.

It is important that the SIM card has enough credit to forward all information immediately. After it has been fully charged, the GPS tracker can be put into operation; this requires the appropriate software or app on the smartphone. The tracker is then set up within this, and several GPS tracking devices can also be networked in one account, making it possible, for example, to monitor your entire fleet.

Alarm functions GPS tracking transmitter for the car

GPS transmitters offer a variety of alarm functions , which the user can set individually in the app and change the parameters.

Live tracking

Real-time tracking not only makes it possible to locate the vehicle, the position is updated with every movement. This feature is particularly helpful if the car is stolen.

Vehicle tracking

With the help of vehicle tracking , the current position can be displayed with particular precision. This is particularly helpful if the vehicle is used by several people or if there are novice drivers.

Speed ​​alert

If a set speed is exceeded, the user receives a message via SMS or email ; excessive speed can already be an indication of theft.

Motion alarm

As soon as the car is moved, the owner receives a notification and can act accordingly. If desired, the device can also limit specific areas, for example your own property or garage. If this limit is exceeded, an alarm is triggered, which informs the owner.


GPS trackers that are permanently connected to the car’s power ensure transmission in standby mode, but this only happens for a short time. As soon as the device is disconnected from the power supply, the user receives a message that someone has interrupted the connection. Devices with an integrated battery report immediately when the battery power drops.

Areas of application GPS tracking transmitter

Mini GPS trackers were not designed for partners to secretly shadow each other or for jealous husbands to always keep an eye on their wives. This technology has its origins in the US military, where it was used for a long time and finally released for civilian use. Most people are familiar with this system, especially because it is used for navigation . Navigation systems are included in most vehicles or can be retrofitted; navigation systems that use the GPS system can now also be found on modern smartphones. But in addition to the actual navigation and positioning , GPS trackers can do much more.

GPS tracker as theft protection

With the help of the various alarms and the rapid transmission of data, your own car can easily be monitored with such a GPS device. GPS tracking offers additional security for cars, motorcycles or e-bikes and thus increases the theft protection of every vehicle. In the event of theft, the device can be used to determine the current location of all vehicles and pass it on to the police. The alarms often indicate unauthorized actions.

Fitness bracelet with GPS function

The cell phone offers many functions for the user, including counting steps and distance traveled thanks to GPS. Fitness bracelets work on the same principle; many parameters of everyday life can be calculated and displayed using received GPS signals . This means each person can track their own fitness and different types of sports.

Protecting your family with GPS

Small, handy GPS trackers are easy to use to protect your family , they can be easily worn on your wrist or stored in your clothes. All members of the family can be accessed in one view at any time. This is particularly interesting for small children or seniors with dementia.

Find GPS tracker in car

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In addition to the many possible uses that a GPS tracker offers, there is always the possibility that someone could attach such an item to vehicles without authorization. Criminals and potential thieves are particularly interested in such surveillance and target either private individuals or companies . In some cases, small bugs are installed for surveillance, but also small GPS trackers or even cameras.

If you suspect a GPS tracker in your car , you usually have to take a closer look. Trackers, bugs and cameras are often hidden and can rarely be seen with the naked eye.

Common hiding places

There are common hiding places for bugs and GPS devices in the vehicle , these must be checked first if there is a suspicion. If in doubt, ask a professional for advice. Basically, it is important not to remove conspicuous devices immediately until you are completely sure, otherwise you could cause damage to your vehicle.

  • An internal hiding place can be any easily accessible location inside the car; small tracking devices can be quickly stored under the seat, in open compartments or in the first aid kit. To find these, a well-lit parking space, for example your own garage, is suitable; an additional flashlight is also an advantage.
  • A tracking device can also be hidden in the car’s lighting ; there is usually enough space behind the light element.
  • A small tracking transmitter can be quickly attached to the underbody of the car and in the trunk using magnets or Velcro without it being immediately noticeable. Due to the dirty underside of the car, you have to take a closer look if you suspect unauthorized surveillance .
  • The car dashboard is also a common place for small tracking devices; some devices simply need to be plugged in, for example into the OBD or USB port.
  • The wheel arch is one of the popular places to attach a tracking device unnoticed; in most cases it is freely accessible to everyone. The bug or tracker can easily be attached or removed without the owner noticing, so if you are looking for a possible monitoring device, you should definitely look there right away.
  • The reception of such transmitters depends on the correct placement, so they are rarely placed under the hood , but you should also check there if you suspect that your vehicle is being monitored with a tracking device or a bug.
  • If you can’t find a suspicious device on your own, you can get help from a specialist who will check the car for suspicious items. Small detectors can support the search; they react to cell phone networks such as the 3G network, 2G network and GPS. As soon as the device detects a GPS antenna on the car, it triggers an acoustic or haptic signal that informs the user.

What to do if a GPS tracker is found

If a GPS tracker is found, it is important not to remove it immediately; some models continue to monitor and send data even in standby mode. The owner of the device will be informed when the tracking device is removed. The first step should be to find out exactly which device it is. A GPS logger stores all collected data internally; compared to a GPS tracker, this is not sent immediately but must be read. The police should then be informed immediately so that the perpetrator can be identified and reported.

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