When does the H license plate start? – Everything you need to know

Voraussetzung fürs H-Kennzeichen

from when h license plateIn order to protect automotive cultural assets , the so-called H license plate was introduced in 1997. This license plate can be used for cars that first came onto the market at least 30 years ago. The car must largely be in its original condition and serve to maintain the motor vehicle’s cultural heritage. The best-known advantage is significant savings when it comes to running costs for the car. Vehicles registered with an H license plate cost the driver less money on average. You can find out here whether it’s worth it and what things you need to consider if you want to drive a classic car with an H license plate .

When does a vehicle become a classic car?

Some vehicles become more valuable with age; anyone who owns a classic car and takes care of it appropriately can receive an H license plate. Since 1997, you can apply for the coveted H license plate for your car if it is considered a classic car. Motor vehicles are considered classic cars if they are more than 30 years old, so they must have been registered for the first time a while ago. It is also important that the car is largely in its original condition , so any necessary repairs should ideally be carried out using original parts.

In general, the car must be in good condition, it must not have any serious defects, and all modifications must be typical of the time. The original condition is proven by a vintage car report . In addition, the general inspection must be passed and the car must be roadworthy.

When is it worth applying for an H license plate?

Even if it is generally said that owners of the H license plate can expect enormous savings in terms of, among other things, vehicle tax, this solution is not equally good for every car. So if you only want an H license plate because of the potentially lower costs , you should check in advance whether this also applies to your own vehicle, because not everyone benefits from high tax advantages.

Due to the large number of vehicles in circulation, more and more models are reaching the limit of 30 years after initial registration . Cars with small-volume engines run cheaper than equivalent vehicles with H license plates in accordance with engine capacity taxation . If your own classic car is suitable for registration, it is important to check in advance whether this is worthwhile.

Requirement for the H license plate

The H license plate on classic cars looks like a normal license plate; this license plate for historic vehicles only differs in the letter H, which is located at the end of the license plate. Cars with an H license plate can be driven without a catalytic converter and are allowed to enter environmental zones without a green sticker.

Requirements for registration with H license plate

In principle, the H license plate is not available without a thorough inspection, because the car must meet certain requirements in order to receive the vintage license plate. If the car is mostly in its original condition, the chances are good. Anyone with a classic car can apply for the license plate if the vehicles were first registered at least 30 years ago.

The cost of an H license plate

At first glance there is no difference to normal license plates, apart from the additional H at the end of the license plate. If you want an H license plate for your classic car, you should check in advance whether the car can meet the requirements for an H license plate . Compliance with the requirements and the application for an H license plate cost money, as do the requirements that the car must meet.

The first step is to create a classic car report ; depending on the scope, the costs can be up to 200 euros. The necessary general inspection also costs money; depending on the extent, this can be an additional around 100 euros for the owner of the car. The re-registration will be billed depending on the federal state; the driver will be charged up to 100 euros. In addition, the vehicle owner must expect an annual vehicle tax of 191.73 euros; this sum is billed as a flat rate.

Apply for an H license plate – the process

The aim of the H license plate is taxation regardless of engine displacement and consumption . In some cases, depending on the vehicle, this can be worthwhile and reduce annual costs for the car.

Necessary documents for the appointment – ​​information about the H license plate

For the appointment at the registration office, the vehicle owner needs the documents regarding the initial registration of the car , as well as the vehicle registration document and the necessary report. A list of the modifications carried out and the certificate from the TÜV are also essential for the H approval .

A seasonal license plate is often cheaper

For some drivers, an H license plate is not worth it; the costs of applying are sometimes higher than the savings. In this case, you can use a seasonal license plate for, for example, six months. Seasonal license plates are issued for a period of between two and eleven months. In this case, the vehicle tax for classic cars  is calculated proportionately and amounts to around  95 euros in tax per year .

When do you get the H license plate?

Protect classic cars from theft

Drivers who own a classic car and use it regularly should also pay attention to increased theft protection . It’s not just new vehicles that are sought-after stolen goods; older vehicles that have increased in value are also often victims of theft. The owner of the car not only invested money in the purchase, but maintenance also entails high costs. Only through good care and regular maintenance will the value be maintained or even continue to increase. The market for classic cars is large and interest in vehicles in good condition is constantly growing.

Expensive hobby and major investment – ​​classic cars in top condition are sought after stolen goods

As a driver, there are a number of things you can do to reliably protect your car . Even if these cars are not technically up to date and rarely have an alarm system, you can still protect the car from thieves with just a few simple steps . It is particularly important that all doors and windows are closed regularly, even during short stops. The car key or spare key must never be left in the vehicle when the driver gets out. The same applies to valuables or cash; the driver must take these things with them at every stop. Well-placed valuables attract car thieves .

GPS transmitters offer protection for all vehicles

To further increase the theft protection of the classic car , the driver can use a GPS tracker. These devices are either permanently connected to the car’s power supply or hidden loosely in the car. Models that can be used flexibly require the user to charge them regularly at home.

Car GPS trackers offer the owner of the car the opportunity to locate the car at any time . To do this, these devices use satellite signals that are sent out at regular rhythms. Based on the information received and the duration of the transmission, the tracker knows where it is at all times; this calculation is accurate to within a few meters.

To use GPS technology, a SIM card in the device itself and an additional connected device are required. This can be a smartphone or a tablet, because the associated app from the provider must be installed there. Within the app, the user can always see the current position of their car in their user account . This makes it possible to create your own alarms, for example if the car is moved without authorization. Even a shock to the classic car is enough to warn the user.

In addition, the driver can draw virtual boundaries in the app , for example, they can virtually fence in their own property or garage. As soon as the car exceeds this limit, the user receives a message in the app and can take immediate action.

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