Epo – Extended prediction orbit

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When using GPS, a number of factors must be correct in order for the user to receive an accurate measurement. GPS devices and smartphones with a chip work with the help of GPS satellites. These send out their signals at regular intervals. This information can then be used to determine the current position. To ensure this, signals from at least three satellites must be received and a clear view is also necessary. Reception can falter inside buildings, in forests or in the mountains, resulting in incorrect measurements.

The use of GPS has become an integral part of everyday life, from navigation in the car or on foot with a cell phone to monitoring valuables. GPS is used in many areas.

Purpose of GPS systems

The abbreviation GPS stands for global positioning system and means something like ‘positioning system’. This technology is becoming more popular through its use for navigation. GPS is now being used more widely, for example in apps on smartphones or with a tracking device. The uses are diverse, as GPS can not only record the actual position. Depending on the device, it is possible to track your own routes and speeds, which is particularly interesting if the user does sports. When hiking, cycling or jogging, the device can record and store a lot of information about the user. These are visualized for the user within the associated app on their smartphone.

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Another common application is to protect vehicles or objects ; here the tracker is attached to the car or laptop and can be tracked via smartphone. In addition, many individual alarms can be set in the app to alert the user to unauthorized actions. The prerequisite for this is that the device has an active SIM card and there is sufficient visual contact with satellites. Binding EPO files are a great help here; they significantly shorten the transfer time of the required information and provide the user with a quick connection.

What does the term EPO mean?

The abbreviation EPO stands for the term extended prediction orbit and describes the prediction of a satellite position. EPO gives the GPS device information about the status of satellites and where they can be expected. This promotes a fast GPS function and makes positioning easier. The device can connect to the satellites more quickly and ensures a smooth tracking process. Essentially, EPO means that the GPS tracker receives a hint to perform its function faster and better so that the user has enough information.

How do GPS devices use EPO or CPE?

Many GPS transmitters use a file, usually an EPO or CPE file . A correct location with high accuracy usually takes 2-3 minutes, but only a few seconds using valid files .

Depending on which device is used, you can check in the settings whether the EPO file used is still relevant or whether updates are available. If a location suddenly takes longer, expired EPO files may be the reason why the program does not work as usual.

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Benefits of EPO for GPS tracking

If you want to fix expired data, you can do this via the settings on your mobile device. EPO offers the user the clear advantage that his GPS device receives information about where to expect a satellite. This ensures a fixed connection. Smartphones in particular use many location-based services that make using the cell phone more convenient for the user. A rapid connection to the GPS satellites ensures rapid data transmission.

What happens to GPS service when EPO expires?

If the EPO files have expired and are no longer relevant, the user will initially receive no information here. He can find out this himself in the settings or in the manufacturer’s manual. Most of the time nothing is displayed and the defect is only noticed when the GPS system works much slower. The necessary data is usually current for between 3 and 14 days. Depending on the device, new information is activated automatically ; in some cases the user has to do this manually.

The file was installed, but the user still has the problem and the tracking is running slowly? Then it may make sense to switch off the device after the update. After a few minutes you can switch it on again and test again.

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