E-scooter stolen – what should you do if it is stolen?

Was sind die ersten Schritte, wenn der E-Scooter weg ist

Since the summer of 2019, there have been electronically powered scooters that are street legal. Such electric scooters are very popular and offer the user many advantages. You can easily get around using a scooter, especially in the city. Short distances can be covered quickly without having to use the car or walk. Another advantage is their size; escooters are significantly smaller and more manageable than other vehicles, so they are easy to take with you.

E-scooter theft protection: Protect the e-scooter from theft

Such electric scooters are powerful and are increasingly being used on roads; not only the number of users is increasing, but also the number of thefts. So it happened quickly: the e- scooter was stolen !

For many thieves, it is no longer a big problem to pick a lock on an e-scooter . E-scooter owners have many options to protect their vehicle from theft. However, there is no 100% guarantee here; it is best to use a combination of different measures .

Protect your e-scooter effectively

The first thing you should do is look for a secure parking space to reduce the risk of theft. Public and busy places are always a good choice, but hidden alleys and abandoned backyards are even more inviting to thieves. The e-scooter should also be secured with locks after parking if you cannot take it with you. Bicycle stands, a railing or other permanently attached objects are particularly suitable. There are different types of locks for better theft protection : A handcuff lock, for example, fits well around the railing of the e-scooter; thieves have to use a lot of force to open it with bolt cutters. Owners of an e-scooter should use at least one robust lock to secure the scooter. Cable locks, on the other hand, are very thin and should only be used as a second lock. Attach the lock to the frame of the scooter and place the lock as high as possible on the e-scooter to increase theft protection.

Another protective measure is electronic devices that trigger an alarm if an e-scooter is stolen. These can be small alarm systems or devices with GPS . If an electric scooter is equipped with GPS, you can locate the GPS tracker in real time at any time via the app . Such fuses can also  be used for cars, mopeds or bicycles. If your e-scooter is stolen, you can track the current position of the vehicle live in the app and, if in doubt, quickly locate the scooter. The determined location can also be shared with third parties, such as the police. With a GPS tracker e-scooter, the vehicle can be located at any time and thus effectively protects against theft.

What can you do if your e-scooter is stolen?

Even if the electric scooter has been parked safely, it can always happen that the scooter is stolen. Of course, you want to find your electric scooter quickly and track down the thief. The best thing to do is to contact the police station immediately to report the theft. The police need the following information to record the theft: proof of ownership, color, characteristics and an identification number of the scooter .

What are the first steps when the e-scooter is gone?

Tips against theft and insurance for scooters

In the event of theft, you face the following problem: e-scooter stolen, what to do? And above all: who pays if the e-scooter is stolen?

Anyone who has looked into the right e-scooter theft protection in advance knows what to do. To protect an e-scooter from theft, a combination of several measures is always suitable.

It is also mandatory for these vehicles to have e-scooter insurance; depending on the performance of the device, it may only be used in road traffic with the permissible insurance number of liability or partial comprehensive insurance. An e-scooter is generally not part of the liability insurance; for this purpose, additional insurance must be taken out with the insurer . In order for the insurance to replace the entire vehicle or individual parts in the event of theft, you always have to insure the scooter additionally.

Insurance companies cover damage not only in the event of complete theft, but also in the event of theft of individual parts, such as the battery. After a theft, you must report the case to the insurance company immediately; the loss report must also include the time of the theft and when and where the scooter was stolen.

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