The right car for beginner drivers

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Statistically speaking, novice drivers are particularly likely to be involved in accidents, which is why car insurance premiums are usually very high at the beginning of their driving career. Young drivers should therefore choose their first car carefully; there is a lot to consider. A small car is best , preferably a used car . In this article we present various vehicles that are ideal as a reliable beginner’s car .

It’s always worth doing your own research before buying, because the market is large and can quickly seem confusing, especially if you haven’t really looked into the topic yet. A novice driver has different requirements for his car than an experienced driver, horsepower is therefore initially in the background, good safety equipment and reliability play an important role and ensure special protection in road traffic .

Find the right car for new drivers

In order to determine the right vehicle, you should first consider a few criteria, points that are important for young drivers. The budget is particularly important; there is a large selection up to a price of around 7,000 euros. The mileage of the car should, if possible, be less than 150,000 kilometers; it is also important to have sufficient airbags. You can then take a closer look at the vehicles’ technology, as it must function reliably to support safe driving behavior . New vehicles are regularly subjected to various tests, for example a crash test or eco test , which the novice driver can of course view online and thus get a good picture of different cars. For your first car , it is recommended that ESP, i.e. driving dynamics control, be fitted as standard; this electronically controlled driving assistance system for cars supports reliable braking without skidding. In addition to the purchase costs , drivers also have to pay other costs that depend, among other things, on the car itself. You can find out in advance how much the car will cost.

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The multimedia factor should also be taken into account when purchasing. If the driver can accept calls via the car, the risk of accidents is reduced. Apple Carplay and Android Auto as well as a simple Bluetooth connection are integrated into many models or can be ordered with an inexpensive new car.

Costs when purchasing a car and ongoing costs

In addition to the purchase price, novice drivers can expect further financial obligations that come with owning the vehicle. Insurance is particularly important because without it the car cannot be driven. In many cases, young drivers can use their parents’ or grandparents’ car insurance , which makes insuring a beginner’s car even cheaper because a different no-claims class is used for the calculation.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, you may have to expect repairs; older cars are particularly susceptible to this. Of course, a cheap car can be bought quickly, but the driver has to weigh this up because any workshop bills can quickly add up. Many young drivers tend to only pay attention to the price when choosing vehicles; it may be cheaper to invest more at the beginning . The general inspection of the used car is also mandatory and costs the vehicle owner around 150 euros every two years.

If you forego the bus and train and prefer to travel in your own car, you should note that most parking spaces are chargeable . When traveling to work or school, you should check in advance whether a parking space costs money and how much you have to budget; a train ticket may be cheaper per month.

Another factor is the fuel required , the used car market offers vehicles that run on diesel or gasoline, depending on the daily route the driver has to weigh up which car makes more sense. The consumption of the car does not only depend on the model, or whether it is an engine that requires diesel or a gasoline engine. Driving style also plays an important role in fuel consumption. If you drive with foresight , you can save a few liters and delay filling up your tank longer.

The best cars for new drivers

Purchasing a car always involves research, regardless of whether it is a new car or a used small car . Ideally, the small car is about a mix of cheap insurance and low acquisition costs .

Beginner cars from VW

The VW Polo is still a popular car , even if it is not a cheap model, but it offers the user a lot of comfort. The entry-level model is available with around 65 hp, which is absolutely sufficient for beginners who don’t drive much on the highway. The same applies to the VW Golf, which is easy to find on the used car market and, depending on the year of manufacture, has all the features you need.

Opel models

The Opel Corsa in particular is a real classic when it comes to the best cars for new drivers. The car has absolutely earned its reputation as a safe and handy model. It is relatively spacious and offers a good safety system , and the manufacturer also supplies a wide range of engines. If you want something a little more stylish, you can choose the Opel Adam model , which shines above all with its appearance, high-quality workmanship and sophisticated safety systems . A cheaper variant from the manufacturer is the Opel Astra.

Skoda models

A Skoda Fabia or the Skoda Fabia Combi are also ideal as an entry-level model ; they are particularly cheap to buy and offer the driver plenty of space at the front and back. If you can tolerate small compromises in terms of equipment , you will get a cheap car that will get every driver safely through traffic .

Renault cars

The Renault Twingo is small but nice for beginners and is often available at a reasonable price. A big advantage is that it is particularly small and maneuverable, so there are no problems finding a parking space. If you’re happy with a small trunk, you won’t go wrong with this car.

Kia used cars

The Kia Picanto offers the driver generous space at the front, but the trunk is smaller. The chassis delivers safe driving behavior, this car is also cheap to buy, but doesn’t offer that much performance. For those who spend most of their time in the city, this model is a great and affordable alternative.

Fiat models

The Fiat 500 is still very popular  , but caution is advised when it comes to used models. This car is often sold at an overpriced price, but a high price is only justified if it is in top condition. Anyone who can get hold of a well-maintained model benefits from solid safety equipment that enables safe driving behavior. The buyer can choose between different powerful engines, starting from 68 hp up to 118 hp .

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Entry-level cars from Ford

Ford has a long history with its Ka model , and newer models are surprisingly spacious. However, the safety package must be checked before purchasing; some vehicles are not equipped with ESP as standard .

Other cars that have proven themselves useful for beginners

If you are not necessarily tied to a specific manufacturer, the market offers a large selection of old and new cars for newcomers . Some examples are Audi A1, Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz, Kia Rio, Mazda 2 and 3 or the Toyota Yaris, regardless of whether it is a new or old model. But the Seat Leon has also proven itself and offers beginners active support in road traffic , just like the Peugeot 208 or the Mitsubishi Space Star.

Important information for new drivers and their first car

If you follow the tips for new drivers and what you need to pay attention to when buying, you are sure to find the perfect car for your first few years on the road. Of course, the car should meet most of the criteria that the driver sets. For example, if you want a large trunk, you should take this into account when purchasing; if you want more horsepower, you can target your search accordingly.

Some new cars are available in the basic version for a purchase price of around 10,000 euros; these are often a good compromise if you absolutely need a new car. Here, however, the driver foregoes extensive equipment, but benefits from the dealer’s new car guarantee. Drivers who only travel short distances are best served with a small car with 60 hp. If you regularly drive long distances or use the motorway , you should make sure you have enough power.

As soon as the car has been purchased, registered and insured, the journey can begin. You can set up your own speedster according to your personal wishes, but some important things must be carried with you. It is legally required to take vehicle documents, driving license, high-visibility vest, first-aid kit and warning triangle with you , all other things are optional.

It makes sense to use a  GPS tracker , especially at the beginning of your driving career; it can simply be taken with you or permanently integrated into the car. Because these gadgets fundamentally differ in their power supply . Small models are charged at home and taken with you on every journey; permanently integrated devices are networked with the car’s electricity. This makes it possible to reliably  record every journey , while at the same time giving the driver a good overview of his driving style. In addition to the increased theft protection that the GPS device provides the vehicle owner, these devices also record the driving style as speeds are also saved. Some insurance companies offer to reduce the premium if the journeys are recorded via GPS and the driver can thus demonstrate exemplary driving style . This means that the overall costs of maintaining a car would be easier to bear and can be sustainably reduced.

It also makes sense to put a self-assembled kit in the car; it can contain important hygiene items or even a blanket. You should also carry a warm jacket with you in the car in case you break down in the car at night and have to pass a certain amount of time. In many cases, it is also worthwhile for newbies to take driving safety training ; this is also recognized by some insurance companies and offers further discounts .

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