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Mobility and flexibility are indispensable for everyone, especially in areas without public transportation. For those who don’t need a car, opting for a scooter, small mopeds, or motorcycles is a common choice to move freely and navigate daily life. The acquisition and insurance of such scooters can be expensive, making it crucial to ensure the security of the vehicle to prevent theft.

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more
  • Direct connection to vehicle battery (9-75V)
  • Alert in case of power interruption
  • Electronic logbook by PAJ included
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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.
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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Universally applicable, e.g., in cars, excavators, boats, and caravans
  • Up to 180 days of battery life in standby mode
  • Drop alarm, vibration alarm, radius alarm, and more

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Scooter GPS Tracker

Without a garage or a fixed parking space, the vehicle is relatively insecure. However, even without additional gadgets or alarms, the user can do a lot to prevent theft. First, the key should not be left on the scooter, and the immobilizer should be activated after parking. The ideal parking space is always a busy area that is well-lit. To increase protection against theft, an additional GPS tracker can be helpful. GPS trackers are small devices that can be attached to the scooter or motorcycle for vehicle tracking. They receive signals from satellites, and based on this data, every movement is recorded in the tracking system and reported to the owner.

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Use GPS tracker for scooters

GPS tracking allows the user to capture various data about the vehicle and its usage, in addition to determining the location and driving behavior.

The market offers a wide range of different GPS trackers, so it’s essential to compare them before making a purchase. This way, you can check which tracker is suitable for your specific needs.

Essentially, trackers differ in power supply. Some models can be directly connected to the vehicle’s battery, ensuring a constant power supply. Other models require regular charging and come with a built-in battery. The battery life depends on the usage of the devices.

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Activation of GPS Tracker for Scooter

For the functionality of the GPS tracker, a SIM card is indispensable. In some devices, it is already included, while in some cases, it may need to be purchased additionally. It is important that the SIM card has sufficient credit to continuously send data to the connected device.

If the device is powered, the corresponding app is necessary. The manufacturer usually provides this app as a free download for smartphones or tablets, whether on Android or iOS. Additionally, users can also log in to the online portal on a PC. After successful registration with the email address, the configuration of the tracker takes place. It is also possible to connect multiple trackers to one account, allowing the owner to monitor each two-wheeler, including motorcycles or e-bikes. To fully utilize the app, a subscription is often required, usually priced at around five euros.

Through the app, users can create, enable, and disable alarms as needed. Once such an alarm is triggered, the user receives a notification, which can be sent as an SMS, email, or push notification.

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Alarms to Increase Scooter Theft Protection

The various options provided by the GPS tracker enable users to enhance theft protection. Every movement of the scooter can be viewed and monitored on the mobile phone.

Battery Alarm on the GPS Tracker for Scooter

If the device’s battery capacity is running low or it is disconnected from power, the user receives a notification via SMS or push message on their mobile phone and can take appropriate action.

Live Tracking for the Scooter

Live tracking offers the owner real-time location tracking, allowing the scooter’s location to be determined at any time in the event of theft. Precise positioning through location determination is particularly helpful in the search, as location data facilitates the police search and leads to a faster solution.

Motion and Speed Alarm

With the motion alarm, the user receives a notification for every movement through the tracking system. If a predefined speed is exceeded, the speed alarm is triggered. This is especially useful when a child is riding the scooter after recently passing the driving test. Those who lend their scooter can also monitor its usage.

Radius Alarm

The radius alarm is triggered when a predefined radius is exceeded, and the user receives the notification in the app or via SMS.

Route Storage for the Scooter

The captured GPS data is stored and can be retrieved for a specific period.

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Increased Theft Protection for E-Scooters – Proper Installation of GPS Tracker

The use of a GPS tracker significantly enhances theft protection through live tracking and alarm functions, but it does not provide a 100% guarantee. Therefore, it is important not to leave your scooter unattended in small alleys or deserted places.

Protecting Scooters and Accessories with a GPS Tracker

Those who want to protect their scooter or motorcycles with a GPS tracker benefit from the flexibility of these devices. A GPS tracker is not only for locating scooters; it can monitor any vehicle in real-time. Mopeds, motorcycles, or even your own car can be connected and monitored in a single network. They provide not only protection for the scooter but also offer a comprehensive location system with various capabilities.

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Pros and Cons of GPS Tracker for Scooters

For those seeking more security for their scooter, it’s advisable to install a GPS tracker for scooters on their vehicle. Even expensive accessories can be protected with a mini GPS tracker. The device allows for easy tracking and, in the event of theft, can assist the police in locating the scooter. Additionally, users can review their own driving behavior and the routes they have taken.

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