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Every year, thousands of bicycles and e-bikes are reported stolen in Germany, with very few of these thefts being solved. Bicycles are popular means of transportation, offering physical exercise and representing an environmentally friendly mode of travel. Many cyclists have also embraced e-bikes, investing a significant amount of money in their purchase and necessary accessories.

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NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.

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LIVE Tracking

Thanks to the FINDER Portal, you always know where your bicycle is located.

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Route recording

Review the detailed route history of the last 365 days retrospectively.

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Alarm settings

Manage all alarms easily in one place and be informed in case of emergency via push notifications.

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Protecting Bicycles and E-Bikes from Theft

Due to the popularity of bicycles and e-bikes, bike theft is on the rise. Owners have various options to secure their bikes and enhance theft protection. Bike locks provide security, allowing the bike to be easily parked and attached to a bike stand. Some models feature a digital alarm that triggers if someone attempts to tamper with the bike lock. Unfortunately, such locks are often not sufficient to prevent bike theft, and owners need to upgrade their security.

GPS for bikes or e-bikes is not futuristic technology. Many people already use this technology to secure their bikes with a GPS tracker for an e-bike or regular bike. GPS trackers for bikes not only enhance theft protection through various alarms, but they also provide the owner with the ability to live-track the bike’s current location at any time. If you want to buy a GPS tracker to enjoy these benefits, Salind is the right partner for you.

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Bicycle GPS Tracker for Increased Security

GPS trackers rely on satellite signals that are broadcast at regular intervals. The GPS receiver uses the GPS signal to determine the location and speed of the bicycle GPS tracker, and this information is then sent to a connected device. This device is typically a smartphone or a tablet with the corresponding app.

Within the smartphone app, the user can set or adjust specific alarms. If such an alarm is triggered, the user receives a notification in the tracking app.

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GPS Tracker for E-Bikes

With a bicycle GPS tracker, anyone can easily upgrade their regular bike or e-bike. When purchasing a new e-bike, many manufacturers and retailers already offer a GPS tracker, which is then installed by a professional, for example, directly in the e-bike motor or e-bike battery. Other GPS devices can be attached to the bike by the user.

For self-installation, it’s important to consider the battery life, which varies from device to device and is also influenced by usage intensity. To ensure that the GPS tracker always provides data, an additional battery is worthwhile. This battery can be easily swapped when needed while the other battery is charging.

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Setting up GPS Tracker for the Bicycle

Bicycle GPS trackers are easy to set up; all you need is a smartphone with the corresponding app installed. A SIM card is crucial for the operation of trackers and is often included in the package. If a SIM card is not included, the user needs to buy one separately and insert it. The SIM card ensures that the GPS data is promptly transmitted from the sender to the app and made available to the user.

Proper Installation of Bicycle GPS Tracker

To increase theft protection, it is important to discreetly install the GPS tracker for the bicycle so that potential thieves discover such devices as late as possible. Thieves will try to locate and remove a mini GPS tracker as quickly as possible to avoid GPS tracking.

Depending on the model and size, the GPS tracker can be attached to the bicycle frame or the saddle post of the bike. Some trackers are disguised to be inconspicuous at first glance, such as functioning as a bicycle taillight. Narrow models can also be easily attached to the handlebar tube of the bicycle. When attaching, care must be taken to ensure that the e-bike GPS tracker is easily accessible for the owner in case of a reported low battery life via the app.

It is essential that a potential thief cannot easily identify the device or the SIM and charging cable connections at first glance.

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Bicycle Theft Protection through GPS and Additional Features of the Bicycle Tracker

Using GPS trackers and real-time tracking, users not only enhance bicycle theft protection but can also set additional functions via the app and view many details about their bicycle.

  • Radius Alert: Users can set a fixed radius in the app, and if the bicycle moves beyond this radius, it triggers a notification in the app.
  • Geofencing: Users can define specific areas, such as their property, with a digital fence. Entering or leaving this boundary triggers an alarm.
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  • Motion Alarm: Thieves attempt to remove GPS trackers quickly, and the motion alarm notifies when the device is removed.
  • Live Tracking: In case of theft, a location tracking can be performed on the mobile device. In live tracking, the user immediately finds out where the bicycle is currently located. The GPS position is updated at regular intervals, allowing for real-time tracking.
  • Battery Alarm: When the battery life is running low, the E-Bike GPS tracker needs to be charged. The user is promptly informed and can recharge or replace the battery. Constant power supply is crucial for sending the bicycle’s data consistently.
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Cost of GPS Tracker for Bicycles

The cost of acquiring these GPS products depends on the model and features. Online shops offer a wide selection, and reviews from bicycle GPS tracker tests available online can assist in choosing the right device.

In addition to the GPS tracker’s price, you should also budget for accessories and services costs. Many manufacturers provide customers with a tracking portal, giving access to all stored information. Some cases may require a subscription for this service, with the price varying depending on the product and provider.

The SIM card can also incur costs. In addition to the purchase price, the SIM card must have sufficient credit. In some cases, it may be advisable to take out an additional contract for the SIM card.

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Pros and Cons of a GPS Tracker for Bicycle Theft Prevention

A Mini GPS Bicycle Tracker provides users with many options to prevent bicycle theft. GPS trackers for E-bikes and regular bicycles can be versatile and used in everyday life independently of the bicycle when it’s no longer needed.

In many cases, GPS trackers also replace car navigation systems or protect the vehicle from potential theft. Due to the product’s size, the GPS tracker can protect bicycles, vehicles, and various objects. In case of an emergency, the location can be determined at any time with the bicycle GPS tracker.

The only disadvantage is the cost of acquisition and access to the provider’s online portal. The market also offers GPS trackers for bicycles without monthly costs, but users may sacrifice convenient features in this case.

Depending on the product, insufficient battery life can also be a problem, so it’s advisable to check in advance which E-bike tracker is best suited for your own needs.

GPS trackers for bicycles provide protection. Those who equip their bicycle or E-bike with a GPS sender for a bicycle benefit from many advantages and have every movement in view.

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