$39,99 incl. VAT

NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Universally applicable, e.g., in cars, excavators, boats, and caravans
  • Up to 180 days of battery life in standby mode
  • Drop alarm, vibration alarm, radius alarm, and more
$49,99 incl. VAT

NEW Generation GPS Tracker with 4G Network Coverage

  • Suitable for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more.
  • Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode.
  • Alerts when the device is lifted.

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LIVE Tracking

Thanks to the FINDER Portal, you always know where your wood is located.

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Route Recording

Retrospectively view the detailed route history of the last 365 days.

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Alarm Settings

Manage all alarms effortlessly in one place and receive emergency notifications via push messages.

How can you protect your wood with a GPS tracker?

The GPS tracker for wood can be easily hidden in a log and concealed among other logs in the woodpile. This way, the GPS transmitter is directly embedded in the wood and is hardly or not at all visible. Through the corresponding app, you can activate various alarm functions to receive immediate notifications on your phone if there is any movement, a defined area is exited, or a pre-defined speed is reached.

With the rapid increase in wood thefts, foresters and wood owners frequently share how they protect themselves from wood thieves. The extent of the wood theft problem, how to use and install a GPS tracker for wood, can be found here in our news section.

What advantages does a GPS tracker offer for wood?

LIVE Tracking

Track the location at any time and from anywhere with a GPS tracker for wood.

Push Notification

Receive an immediate notification on your device as soon as an alarm is triggered.

Theft Protection for Firewood

Different alarms help prevent wood theft in advance.

Route View

Retrospectively review the route traveled over the last 365 days.


Even if the wood is transported to other countries, you can track its location in over 100 countries.

Invisible Protection

Due to the easy installation, you protect your wood without the GPS tracker being easily found.

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Wood Theft Increases Significantly Due to the Energy Crisis

Rising energy prices ensure that many wood stove owners stock up on enough firewood for the winter throughout the year. Wood theft is no longer just an issue for forestry operations; it also affects the stock of many private individuals. This involves not only small quantities but also entire truckloads of wood that are now falling victim to theft.

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Protecting Firewood with GPS Trackers

Using modern GPS technology, primarily known from the automotive industry, anyone can protect their firewood stocks and prevent wood theft. Small forestry trackers use satellite signals to calculate with high accuracy where the wood is located and where it is being moved.

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Setting Up Wood GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are small devices that can be quickly activated and placed. Once the tracker is fully charged, it can be hidden inside the wood. Subsequently, the piece is returned to the rest of the wood, where it goes unnoticed. GPS devices are always connected to a device, such as a smartphone. In the event of wood theft or unauthorized movement, the owner receives an notification in the app on their phone.

Wood GPS Transmitters Offer Many Features

Within the smartphone app, various alarm functions can be set to protect against wood theft. Once one of these alarms is triggered, the forest owner receives a notification.

Live Tracking

Upon movement of the wood, an immediate live tracking can be initiated, allowing the forest owner to see directly where the tree trunks are being moved.

Radius Alarm and Digital Fencing Around the Wood Storage

By digitally fencing off certain areas, the theft protection is significantly increased. As soon as the GPS tracker leaves this digital boundary or the defined radius, the owner receives a notification and can take action.

Motion Alarm When Firewood Is Stolen

A sensitive motion alarm is triggered as soon as the wood is moved during a theft. The owner thus has the opportunity to stop the thieves or report the wood theft to the police.

Acquiring GPS Trackers for Wood

Due to rising energy prices, forestry offices and private individuals are trying to protect their wood. However, especially when it is stored in the forest or garden, it is not always in view. Wood thieves usually act with a plan and try to disappear as quickly as possible with multiple car trailers full of wood before being noticed. GPS trackers are a good solution to secure tree trunks in the forest.

Protecting Wood in the Forest with a GPS Transmitter

To avoid significant damage from thieves, a GPS tracker is always worthwhile. As soon as a set alarm is triggered, the forester or forest owner receives an immediate message, allowing for quick action.

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Benefit from Using a GPS Tracker for Wood

Forest owners, foresters, and private individuals alike benefit from the use of these GPS devices. They can be easily attached inside the logs without leaving a trace. Wood thieves cause significant damage and result in immense losses, making wood expensive, and many people need it urgently for heating in winter.

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